Friday, May 28, 2010

Vote Tuesday!!!!

He's my Sunday School teacher at First Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa. He's been teaching Sunday School and WALKING THE WALK for as long as I've known him. He's the REAL DEAL. Please learn more, and vote Tuesday!!!! (fellow Alabamians)!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More, I just can't help it!!!!

I'm still wishing we were at the beach! These are pictures of our final day and night! We all got out of the sand and pool and got dressed for a night at Pier Park!

The final day was filled with as much beach as we could get!!!! Can you tell my camera was set on a 1600 manual setting - everyone is GLOWING!!!!

Grandaddy Bud rarely makes it on the beach, so this was a TREAT!!!!!
(This is where the fair skin and red hair that Wilson has comes from!!!)

He even got in the water!

Will loves to play in the sand AND the water, so that's perfect for the children (and me)!!!

Some neighbors of our had this fun game set up that they let the children play!!! The only bad thing was they had this horrible tent, so hands were washed WELL when the game ended! ha ha!!!!

Okay, enough of the brightness, back to a better camera setting!!!!

At Pier Park, Henderson watched Wilson on the airplanes, and REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be on one with him. How do you explain to a 2 year old that he's just not tall enough?


Henderson DID get to ride the carousel with his daddy and Wilson!!!!

Again, bad setting, but there's just something magical about this picture!!!

Another LARGE family picture taken by an innocent bystander!!!!

Emma Claire chose to do the bungee trampoline, but I couldn't convince her to do a flip - maybe I should have taken a turn and shown her how to do it!!!!

Pushing the stroller was a highlight of the evening!!!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!!!

Or shaved ice in Emma Claire's case, she doesn't eat ice cream.

On the way out, we saw these teeny tiny turtles in a kiosk. Aren't they the cutest things EVER!!!! The only thing that kept me from buying one is the fact that after we checked out on Saturday morning, we were spending the day at Shipwreck Island and the poor things would have suffocated in the car.

we bought hermit crabs AFTER Shipwreck and I'll save those for another post!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Portraits

We are back from the beach and it is back to REALITY!!!!!! Man, I want to be back there so bad, it was a wonderful time of fun, sun and fellowship! We packed alot in, but also enjoyed alot of down time, just relaxing on the beach and by the pool. We were blessed with nearly perfect weather and NO OIL!!!!! We did see sting rays swimming around us everyday and one day even saw a sea turtle up near the shore! I have NEVER seen a sea turtle in the gulf and some people near us made sure he got out back to sea - I sure didn't want him laying his (or her) eggs on the beach near our children!!!!

One evening we got everyone showered and dressed for beach pictures - it went amazingly well, with no screaming or tears (by adults OR children)!!!! All these pictures are unedited, straight from the camera - I think they turned out great!

Emma Claire and Patton - sweet cousins born 5 weeks apart - they have a special friendship!!!!

Chandler and Emma Claire are 3 years apart, but being the only 2 girl cousins on this side of the family, they hold a special bond. After the "white" photos were done, we let (begged) the girls to dress up in the "itchy" tutu dresses and be beachy princesses until the sun went down!

Wilson and Mills are 6 weeks apart and TROUBLE!!!!!

Stanton and Henderson are on the left side, and they were born 2 weeks apart and they are DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!!

Large Family Picture!!!!!

Individual Family Picture - "Hey Wilson!!!!"

Henderson decided he wanted to be holding Emma Claire's hand instead of Wilson's!!!!

Henderson was a HOOT!!!! Everytime I'd point the camera at him, he'd laugh and start running!!!!

Doesn't Wilson look like such a big boy - much like a Frat boy????

Yeah, there's the real Wilson!!!!

Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Henderson man!!!!

These next pictures show not only Henderson running from the camera, but his tendency to stick his tongue out, which I have never noticed until I was looking for a picture WITHOUT his tongue sticking out!!!!!

See the tongue?

Emma Claire can STRIKE A POSE!!!!

The Ladies

Someone left these chairs on the beach and they were a focal point (distraction) for the children!!!!

Let these next 3 pictures tell a story of Wilson and his favorite hobby!!!!! (Don't pay attention to my bra that you can see thanks to Henderson!!!)

Yes, he did.

He does this daily and we are working HARD on making him stop. We are beginning to see him get embarrassed when we call him on it - any tips????

Classic Henderson - such an inquisitive little boy. The owners of the chairs came to take them away and Henderson was quite shocked - the only reason I got him to stand still long enough for a face shot!!!!

Can't you just hear him, "Why they takin my chair?"

"My chair!!!"

I managed to get one more shot with all 7 children - they are taking a walk and Stanton got left behind. We encouraged him to catch up with them....

He made it!!!!!
But Wait!
He caught up with them, then passed them....

Then the others ran to catch up with him.....

Stanton didn't like them catching up with him and ran back the other way!!!!

The End.

Beach, we miss you!!!!

Will's side of the family

Will's side of the family

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

How we REALLY like to dress!

How we REALLY like to dress!

Lots of Love!

Lots of Love!

Best Friends!

Best Friends!

Children being children!

Children being children!