Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

From our family to yours!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Cards, what to do???

I need some help from bloggyville!

What do you do with the picture-Christmas cards that you have received and so elaborately displayed in your home?

Do you just throw them away?

Or do you put them up and keep them forever?

My first instinct is to just throw them away, but THAT IS SO HARD - these are PRECIOUS pictures!!!!!!

I think in the past, I have been reluctant to throw them away and instead just set them on the counter and probably my husband got tired of seeing them and tossed em!

I'm NOT a pack rat - I can throw lots of things away.

But these are PICTURES and they mean something!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

NOW! Christmas in Pictures!

Christmas morning - ready to see what Santa brought - sans babies!
*looking at the above picture will give you an idea of how small Wilson is - he and Mills (the first one on the left) are 6 weeks apart in age!
Our Christmas Eve activity - making light catcher ornaments - the big kids had a blast!

Aunt Ellen and big boy Stanton - he is only 2 weeks younger than Henderson -- they are both GREAT babies!

The little boys and me - they're about worn out!

Aunt Ellen and Wilson - the only time he's still enough for pictures is when he has his "ba ba"

Nana and GrandDaddy Bud

Before the chaos began! It actually was quite calm, considering 7 children, 6 adults and 313,857 toys!!!!!

Leaving food out for the Reindeer (and that's rain, not snow!)

Getting ready to throw out Reindeer food in the rain

Wilson and Mills - good buddies

Emma Claire and her Santa gift - according to her it's the biggest doll house she has EVER SEEN!!!

Henderson and his Santa gift!

Do you think we had enough stuff?

Henderson laying with his buddy, drinking his bottle

Wilson and Emma Claire being "BIG" helpers

Breakfast Casserole

We are home now and rapidly taking down Christmas - the house is such a mess, but I'm taking a break to share our pictures! In a little while, we are going to some friends of ours for a Christmas Tree Burning Party/ Fish Fry/ Hayride - hopefully the rain will hold off and we can continue to enjoy this warm December weather!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in a Nutshell

Okay, so blogger won't let me upload any pictures, it will let me upload a video, but videos I have none, so this will be a pictureless post, which if you've been around for long, you'll know is VERY rare for me! I'll try again later.

Christmas Eve, we spent the night at Will's parents house. The children helped put sand and candles in bags for the luminaires. We got them almost lit and guess what, TORNADO sirens began going off, YES, TORNADO! We took the children inside and turned on the weather - obviously we had not been watching the weather and this took us completely by surprise. It was headed directly for us, but by God's grace dissipated (sp?) and the warning expired after about 15 minutes. BUT, in it's wake was the heaviest rain I have EVER seen - it looked like a hurricane out there - rain blowing sideways! Needless to say the luminaires didn't stand a chance and the busy, beautiful light show that usually graces the neighborhood was dark. But Christmas Eve it was and we still had a blast. The children took their reindeer foot out in the rain and sprinkled it on the yard. Later, the cousins left to go to bed and we attempted to put ours to bed. Wilson and Henderson went down great, but Emma Claire, now that's another story.... We tucked her in and she seemed fine. Then I went downstairs and after a few minutes (thinking she was settled) began searching thorugh the wrapped gifts for a gift that I thought was lost. All of a sudden I hear "Mommy, why are you looking at all the gifts?" Emma Claire is sitting on the steps watching me - and who knows how long!? I was honest with her and told her that Nana got Wilson something and we are not sure where it is. She seemed fine with that. So.... I took her back upstairs again and tucked her in and said prayers and came back downstairs. After about 45 minutes, my BIL, Stan called to see if everyone was asleep so he come come over and set out "Santa", I said "YES". On second thought, I ran upstairs, JUST TO MAKE SURE. I quietly opened up the door to Emma Claire's room and NO ONE!!! The bed was empty, the room was empty, I looked all over the upstairs, NO EMMA CLAIRE. I ran down the stairs and told everyone - I can't find her!!!! I went to the kitchen where Nana was preparing things for breakfast and she wasn't in there. I turned the corner and screamed! She was crouched down under the bar stools with a sheet of paper in her hands. I couldn't help but laugh. I asked her why she was up and she said she never made her list for Santa. I explained to her that she went to see Santa TWICE and told him what she wanted. She said she only told him ONE thing =(. I told her that Santa knows what she wants and needs and he will bring her many things b/c she was a good girl. She then starts bawling crying, saying she got some spankings last year and that Santa wouldn't bring her anything. - Boy, her emotions were running wild - she is ONLY 4!!!! I took this as a learning opportunity and told her that Yes, she did get some spankings last year, but that Jesus died on the cross and rose again so that those sins would be forgiven and it was by that Grace that she would get any gifts! Then Will layed down with her (to make SURE she didn't get up again) and she continued to talk about not making a list and how did Santa know and what if she didn't get as many gifts as someone else. Her mind must have been turning 90 to nothing - you remember the feeling - I know I sure do! Finally alseep. We did our "preparations", realizing that much too much was bought, and with 7 children in one room - Chaos was very near!

A good night sleep was had by all - Wilson slept til 5:45 am - HUGE - I was expecting 4:00! WE managed to keep our children out of the den until their cousins arrived at 6:45 and they ran in and the rest was history - it was wild but fun! The rest of the day was pretty much spent outside enjoying the mild weather! We are so blessed to have happy, healthy children and wonderful family to spend everyday and the holidays with!

We are now enjoying some time with my parents and Katie (my younger sister) and her boyfriend Matt. I hope you all had a WONDERFUL CHRISTmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Milestones and Christmas Galore!

Well, we've had some BIG milestones today and I am MUD! Henderson is not only crawling, he is pulling up on furniture and he climbed the 2 steps that lead to our kitchen, dining room, and hallway - all by himself!!! He is only 7 months old!!!! What am I gonna do - I've got Wilson running around and now Henderson crawling FAST and he's discovered Daisy's dog food - which was always a favorite of Wilson's. Wilson wouldn't eat people food, but you can bet if things got quiet, you could always find him with a mouthful of dog food - Oh, and I just remembered, the other day at Ellen's house, we found Wilson drinking doggy style out of the water bowl - YUCK!!!! Here are some diaper shots of Henderson and you can see how thin he is, despite being a bottomless pit when it comes to food - he ate ALL day today!!!

My mom and dad arrived last night and brought forth many gifts - the children just couldn't wait, so we let them open presents before the Candlelight service at church last night. Wilson got the playhut and they have had a blast with it! Henderson wasn't interested in any "baby toys", only bags and paper and anything Emma Claire and Wilson had - I've coined him the squealer - he doesn't cry - EVER, but the boy can squeal like a greased pig when he wants something!

The children made Christmas sugar cookies - from SCRATCH today with my mom - and they turned out great, though I'm sure my kitchen didn't look great - but it was cleaned up by the time I got home, hallelujah!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


On Saturday, we went to a birthday party at Tumbling Tides for a friend of Emma Claire's. I ended up taking all 3 children by myself while Will tackled Wal-mart for some grocery shopping and last minute gifts. I think I got the raw end of th deal. The gym part of the party was fun, Wilson did his thing, Emma Claire participated and Henderson just crawled around, or got held by someone. THEN came the eating part - which is ALWAYS a nightmare with Wilson, we should have just left then, but for Emma Claire's sake, we stayed. Wilson didn't like the chips HE CHOSE, so he cried until he got another kind, Henderson decided he was hungry, so I held him with one hand and fed him a bottle with that SAME hand - don't ask, just be glad he's as small as he is, all the while I'm coralling Wilson back to his seat so he doesn't smash the birthday cake that he's discovered. He is now crying for CAKE CAKE!!!!! He gets some cake (one of the first ones, just to shut him up) and he begins eating it - not with a fork or spoon, but his fingers - so messy, but at least he's somewhat quiet, then he eats his ice cream with his fingers too. He has a capri sun, which he normally BEGS for, but he spots a bottle of water and wants this. There are no more bottled water, but he, being 2, doesn't understand and has a fit for water. I put Henderson over on the mat and take Wilson OUT at this point and have a "talk". Things got better at this point and just when I think I can take a sigh of relief, Emma Claire begins crying - someone just threw away her chips that she was saving to eat - WOW! This is very unlike her, so I do manage to talk to her a minute and she's fine. Next came present-opening time and it was uneventful, thank you Jesus and we leave -- I will NOT take all 3 by myself to a party again - (yea right).

After the party we went to Will's parents house and let the children play outside while the weather was still WARM - (baby t's COLD outside now!!!!) Ya'll, I got on the trampoline with them and did 2 BACK FLIPS!!! Yes, this nearly 30 mother of 3 did 2 back flips and I'm not even sore this morning!!!! I had so much fun jumping with Emma Claire and Wilson, they got a kick out of their mommy doing such fun things on the trampoline!

The Happy Birthday Jesus party Friday was a blast - it dried off enough for the children to play outside and the hostess did an amazing job with the cake and cupcakes - see pictures below! I was a great time of play, celebration and fellowship!

Henderson loves to crawl into the playroom and look out the window - it's so sweet!

Happy Birthday Jesus party!

Story time!!!

While Visions of Sugar Plums danced in my head.....
All worn out!

My parents are coming today to keep the children for a couple days while Will and I work and I can't wait - it's always great to have a few more hands around!

Merry CHRISTmas Ya'll!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday Jesus! We are going to a friends' house today for a Happy Birthday Jesus party - the children are doing a great job of remembering the Reason for the Season! Wilson even has a newfound love for baby dolls lately and goes into Emma Claire's room often and gets her life-size doll and carries it around - it's nearly as big as he is. The other day I found him (during his nap time) going into his sister's room (while she was sleeping) to take the baby doll from her into his room. He's such a little stinker. The focus today will be celebrating Jesus' birth and the children can't wait to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out candles!

In other news, Henderson is officially crawling - he crawled all the way out of his room and down the hall into the playroom last night. He gets hung up on his clothes sometimes, but with the warmer weather we've been having, I'm able to let him wear onesies or just a diaper some and he gets around just fine! Time to keep the gate to the stairs closed! Thank goodness Wilson can't open it on his own!

It's been a great week - much slower than last week. Today is busy with the Happy Birthday Jesus party and then Will and I have our SS party tonight that I'm very much looking forward to! Tomorrow is a birthday party and then that's it besides church twice on Sunday. We've begun the countdown to Christmas at our house and the excitment is nearly too much to handle!

Monday, December 15, 2008

How did God....

We spent the afternoon at my sister-in-law, Ellen's house letting the children play and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather. On the way home tonight Emma Claire asked some deep questions. It went something like this:

EC: Why can't we see God?

Me: Well, b/c God lives in heaven on His throne with Jesus

EC: How did he get there?

Me: Well, how did God come here on earth? (I often try to answer her questions with a question to get her thinking)

EC: as a baby, baby Jesus!

Me: Yes, and then he lived a perfect life with no sin...

EC: and then he died on the cross and rose again!

Me: Yes, and then he stayed around for awhile and then he went up to heaven

EC: did he jump on a pogo stick and jump really high all the way to heaven?

Me: Well, I don't think they had pogo sticks way back then, but yes, something like that!

{I did not even know the child knew what a pogo stick was}

Oh, the minds of children! To have faith like a child!
I hope ya'll are having a Merry CHRISTmas season!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Comes Alive!

To start the weekend, we attended Emma Claire's gymnastics was.... well, CUTE - let me just say this, Wilson headed out onto the floor and participated and nobody was the wiser. Sixty some odd preschoolers with hoola hoops and candy canes- not very organized, but super-cute! We then ate dinner with friends at Taco Casa and drove to Gordo for "Christmas Comes Alive". It's a hayride through the Christmas story. At one point we got off the wagon and walked into a barn where there were REAL animals - sheep, goats, donkey, dog - the children loved it and we climbed up on top of hay bales and listened to carolers and the Christmas Story while watching Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus. I highly recommend this every year. We, as a family will make it a tradition - fun, quality time, portraying the TRUE meaning of the season! Wilson never said a word the whole time, he was so in awe! Such fun!

Emma Claire with her "best buds"!

Yesterday we went to a friends house for a Christmas party and look who made an appearance! We weren't sure how Wilson would act towards the big man, but he actually sat and talked to him - maybe this is a step closer to touching Big Al! I was able to get a picture (1 out of 6) with all 3 children looking at me! It was a sweet party - the children played and made an ornament and had cookies!

At this point, right when Santa walked in the door, Wilson just looked at him, then laughed hysterically!
Emma Claire, of course, wanted to be front and center at all times - she isn't afraid of anyone!

Henderson had a good time with some "new" toys!

I told the children that Santa was coming and when we drove up, this was outside and they thought this was "it" - funny how they would have been satisfied with just this! Wilson didn't want to come inside b/c he wanted to stay with Santa. Maybe there's a lesson to be learned in that - God has much better things awaiting us, if we'll just "come inside" and see!

Saturday afternoon we attended our church's Christmas Program - it was FABULOUS! Emma Claire and Patton attended and did great!

All in All a BUSY weekend, but filled with fun, meaningful, family activities! Oh, and we also ALL attended the Alabama basketball game Saturday night - it was a disappointing loss, but we had a great time!

Will's side of the family

Will's side of the family

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

How we REALLY like to dress!

How we REALLY like to dress!

Lots of Love!

Lots of Love!

Best Friends!

Best Friends!

Children being children!

Children being children!