Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Cards, what to do???

I need some help from bloggyville!

What do you do with the picture-Christmas cards that you have received and so elaborately displayed in your home?

Do you just throw them away?

Or do you put them up and keep them forever?

My first instinct is to just throw them away, but THAT IS SO HARD - these are PRECIOUS pictures!!!!!!

I think in the past, I have been reluctant to throw them away and instead just set them on the counter and probably my husband got tired of seeing them and tossed em!

I'm NOT a pack rat - I can throw lots of things away.

But these are PICTURES and they mean something!



Robin said...

I used to keep mine in plastic bags by family. I have many bags of them..Then I started putting special ones on the fridge that I wanted to pray for..Then last year I decided to put the 2007 in my Creative Memories albumn. I think I will do the same again this year. They are too special to throw away. Glad ya'll had a good Christmas. I love seeing you as a mom and your children are precious..Blessings for 2009..

Nick and Natalie said...

you could take a photo or scan them in and blog them. Then at the end of the year you make a book of you blog on blurb.com. Then you would have a memory of them forever in a compact book/journal. Much more organized than having stacks of pictures. Thats what I am going to do! just a thought

Sue said...

I have to admit...I toss mine...cute pictures and all. I am just not organized enough to save them. However, this blog post gave me pause...http://mcgiboney.blogspot.com/2008/12/christmas-idea-10.html

It isn't "saving" per se, but a cute, unique way to reuse them!

max harrell said...

Every year I buy a 99 cent photo booklet, on the front cover I select my favorite non-photo Christmas Card and slide it in the front cover, always recording the year on it. Inside I trim each of my photos from treasured friends. I have done this for the last ten years and I pull out each booklet at Christmas time and enjoy looking at how the kids have grown up. Believe it or not but I am now getting Christmas Card photos from the grown kids, kids. I love Christmas card photos so I treasure each one.
Carol Harrell, Athens, GA

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

OK, I've seen people make ornaments for their next tree out of them in an oragami type fashion. I don't know how, but it's like a ball of some sort, but it involves cutting the pictures, so I've never done it.
I save mine and look through them every year when I drag out the Christmas stuff. I know- I'm a packrat. Ugh. I hate it, too, but they're just so hard to throw away. And I frame ours from each year, so I can't get rid of them!

Brandi Bartee said...

I pack them up in a ziploc bag with the year on the front in our Christmas decorations boxes. Each year I go back and look threw them and see how much each person has grown. I only keep the photo cards or ones that have great messages hand written in them. I too am a pack rat!!

Leigh Collins said...

I have a big basket of random pics that I put the pictures in (if they are attached to the card). I also have heard of people using the cards parts that are so cute for name tags on gifts for next year. Just cut out the cute part of the paper/card and you can fold it and write the names on them!

Allyson@House of Stephens said...

I save all of ours from each year. I do what most of the others have suggested. I put them in a zip lock back with the year on front and pack them up with the decor in the attic. I just can't throw them away! It's so much fun (and sad at times) to look and see how everyone has grown up and how families have changed.

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