Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Princess Sleepover and 1 pesky little brother =

He was all about some makeup - and that's what he gets!!!!! Nothing like a good blackmail photo!!!!

Emma Claire had a last minute impromtu sleepover with Marlee and Mary Alice - I've learned that's the best way to do it!!!!! Another thing I learned - is to let them fall asleep watching a movie - they didn't even realize it was bed time and it prevented any sadness and "missing mommy" that might have occurred otherwise - though with this group of girls, I don't know that that would have happened - they are the most social 5 year olds I know (and Emma Claire is not even 5 yet!!!)

Henderson was trying to figure out who this girl was in his house at 7:00 in the morning?

They are a fun, silly bunch!!!!

Will commented that he didn't even know they were there!!!! Let's hope all our sleepovers end up this good!!!!!

Wilson got a little carried away painting his toenails - or FEET!!!!!

After the girls left, we cracked open a good ole watermelon, while we watched daddy do yard work!!!!!

This picture just cracks me up - if he wasn't "all boy" I'd be a little worried, but there is no mistaking Wilson's love for all things "boy"!!!!! For instance, early Sunday morning when he woke up, he jumped in our bedroom yelling "I'm BATMAN!!!!!!" That's how we woke up!!!!

Next up - creatures - we have caught them all - crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, caterpillars, worms - no snakes yet - THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

Try a bite, Emma Claire - I think they are a delicacy in some countries!!!!

WATER TIME - instead of going to the pool on Saturday, we just stayed home and had fun in the water hose while I got some much needed laundry and house cleaning done!!!!

This had been the busiest summer, yet the most FUN summer EVER!!!! WE are constantly on the go - I still work everyday - I have a babysitter at home - she puts the boys down for their naps at 9:30 or 10:00 and by the time I get home at 12:30 - they are getting up and we head out to the pool or some other fun place!!!! We get in around 4:30 or 5:00 and settle in or get ready for some other fun activity - It's non-stop, but OH.SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!

Emma Claire has been quite the social bug this summer - Friday night she had her little sleepover at our house, Sunday night we had cousins over to play and eat dinner, then she and her cousin, Chandler spent the night with their Nana, and then last night,she went out to dinner for Chandler's b'day with friends and then spent the night at Marlee's house!!!! And that is just what she's done the last 4 days - that's pretty much been her summer so far and she has loved every minute of it - every few days it catches up with her and I make her take a good long nap, but then she is ready to go again!!!!! I just can't help but wonder all the great things God has in store for her life - she is an amazing little girl!!!!

Can I talk a little about this morning???? (Well, of course I can, it's MY blog and all) Now, you people up North or out West are going to laugh at me, but it was 65 glorious degrees this morning!!!!! Compared to the usual 75-80 degrees that it is at 5:00 AM, I was in heaven!!!! I ran 4 miles and hardly sweated a bit!!!! I past a man walking and he said, "it's a little cooler this morning" and I replied with a near shout - "It's Glorious!!!" I know he had to walk away snickering at my enthusiasm!!!! I was so excited to be running and actually BREATHING at the same time - I know it won't last, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's going on...

Yep, It's summertime, and sometimes, this is just the way to go.... the coolest attire and no ants biting your feet - does it get any better?

Early Saturday morning Emma Claire caught me taking pictures of Wilson in his lovely attire and HAD to get in on the action!

Henderson was there too - we get things kicked off early around here - but I have to say they get it honestly - I was just the same as a child and still am as an adult - if everyone sleeps until 6:00 am around here it is a downright miracle!!!!!

My parents came over Father's Day weekend and brought my niece, Mary Grace, and my nephew, Carson, from Indiana. We spent Saturday at the pool, or should I say, IN the pool - man it's hot!!!!! Saturday night we had a sleepover which included my family, my parents, Carson and Mary Grace, and my younger sister, Katie, and her fiance Matt. We even got up Sunday morning and made it to early church at 8:30!!!!! I really think I might could handle 5 children - too bad that's no longer possible!!! :~)
This is after church when Grandaddy (my dad) was opening his presents for Father's Day and his birthday, which was yesterday - Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

After church we headed over to Will's parents house for lunch and playtime!!!! The children played outside on the trampoline and swing set the ENTIRE afternoon - 4 hours - and it was HOT (100 degree hot)- see for yourself all the hot faces!!!!

Cute little Redneck diaper babies - they enjoyed playing with cups of water and ice cubes, hence the lack of clothing!!!!!

Emma Claire with a mouth-full of food - probably watermelon, I think she ate her weight in watermelon over the weekend!!!!
The men enjoyed the cool indoors watching golf (or catching some zzzzz's) on their Special Day!!!!!

Will disappeared for awhile and I found him in his parents' bed!!!!!

Wilson snuggled up with his "Buddy", Grandaddy Bud!!!!!

And then quickly followed suit.....

I love you all, the men in my life, what wonderful father's I have been blessed with and an amazing husband, who is the best daddy of them all!
Thanks to the Father, for I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lizard... and other things of the past

The Lizard....that was in our house

Emma Claire and Wilson weren't afraid...

but I'll let it stay my secret....

that I'm terrified!!!!!

I won't touch the things,

but I won't dare tell them that

I'll just let them keep on thinking that I just want them to be able to enjoy them...all to themselves!!!!!

Poor little thing

Emma Claire came inside to tell me that his tail broke off

and it was still wiggling......

the broken off part - YUCK!!!!!

I just spouted off something about "that's how God made them

Isn't that SO Neat?"

While inwardly I was shivering!!!!

While at my parents house this weekend, Wilson had a bumble bee land on his hand

He looked at it and tried to pet it like a butterfly!!!!

Then it stung him (his hand even got really swollen)

They are scared of nothing

It was a good lesson I guess

Didn't keep him from holding the lizard though.....

Now...to the past....This here is a 10 pound bag of Sopapias that sat in our hotel room at the State Tennis Tournament. You see, one of my roomates' husbands' family owns Taco Casa - if you've never eaten there, you are MISSING OUT!!!!!!!

But dear dear Sopapias....

I loved you, ONCE, but now.....

you put 5 pounds on me at least....

and I can't bear the thought of eating you anytime soon...

but one day....

I"ll forget about the 7 pounds I ate on my own.....

and I"ll try you again!


On again to a past experience.... The Tuesday night before we left for Mobile, Ashley and I took Emma Claire and Mary Alice to see Dora Live in Birmingham

It was awesome!!!!

Boots was our favorite character - can you tell?
I picked Emma Claire up on Tuesday, after being with my parents for the week, and on the way home she asked me when was I going to take her to the jungle? Come Again???? Jungle???? I think she's been watching way too much Dora - but I answered with, "Well, sweetie, the jungle is very far away from here, but one day, when you are a little older, maybe we can take an airplane there and go and tell the people who live there about Jesus!" That night at Bible Study, there were people absent b/c they were on a mission trip to Peru ( I have never even dreamed of taking my children far away), but just one question, by a young child....and it got me thinking....God is stretching me....pulling me out of my comfort zone, one day, one child at a time. Teaching me that my plans are not always His plans. The lesson was on Jacob - I don't need to make my plans and then say, "okay God, come with me!" I need to wait on God and let Him lead me. One day, I have a feeling He is going to REALLY stretch me and mold me and take me places I could have never imagined or even wished. I am learning to Trust Him - to be willing and ready. To relinquish all this "control" I feel I have and let God be God. Will I trust Him? Am I trusting Him? I have a feeling, just like Jacob, I'll be wrestling with God on this one. All in His will. I am ready.

On a lighter note:
These girls have a great time wherever they go!

Next up was VBS Block Party on Sunday night (before I left for the tournament) - all the downtown churches (4 of them) get together and have a VBS kick off on the street that runs in between them all! The children had a blast as usual - cotton candy is Wilson's new best friend - if only it had some nutritional value at all - except of course a sugar high and empty empty calories, but calories nonetheless, and with Wilson, we'll take anything!!!!

Wilson and his friend Lee - they are only 5 days apart - we are so blessed to have such great friends at our church!!!!!

Marlee (Lee's big sister), Mary Alice, and Emma Claire

There were lots of sweet treats to be found!!!!

Solving the world's problems, one popsicle at a time!!!!

Busy Busy Fun Summer!!!!!

Will's side of the family

Will's side of the family

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

How we REALLY like to dress!

How we REALLY like to dress!

Lots of Love!

Lots of Love!

Best Friends!

Best Friends!

Children being children!

Children being children!