Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lizard... and other things of the past

The Lizard....that was in our house

Emma Claire and Wilson weren't afraid...

but I'll let it stay my secret....

that I'm terrified!!!!!

I won't touch the things,

but I won't dare tell them that

I'll just let them keep on thinking that I just want them to be able to enjoy them...all to themselves!!!!!

Poor little thing

Emma Claire came inside to tell me that his tail broke off

and it was still wiggling......

the broken off part - YUCK!!!!!

I just spouted off something about "that's how God made them

Isn't that SO Neat?"

While inwardly I was shivering!!!!

While at my parents house this weekend, Wilson had a bumble bee land on his hand

He looked at it and tried to pet it like a butterfly!!!!

Then it stung him (his hand even got really swollen)

They are scared of nothing

It was a good lesson I guess

Didn't keep him from holding the lizard though..... the past....This here is a 10 pound bag of Sopapias that sat in our hotel room at the State Tennis Tournament. You see, one of my roomates' husbands' family owns Taco Casa - if you've never eaten there, you are MISSING OUT!!!!!!!

But dear dear Sopapias....

I loved you, ONCE, but now.....

you put 5 pounds on me at least....

and I can't bear the thought of eating you anytime soon...

but one day....

I"ll forget about the 7 pounds I ate on my own.....

and I"ll try you again!


On again to a past experience.... The Tuesday night before we left for Mobile, Ashley and I took Emma Claire and Mary Alice to see Dora Live in Birmingham

It was awesome!!!!

Boots was our favorite character - can you tell?
I picked Emma Claire up on Tuesday, after being with my parents for the week, and on the way home she asked me when was I going to take her to the jungle? Come Again???? Jungle???? I think she's been watching way too much Dora - but I answered with, "Well, sweetie, the jungle is very far away from here, but one day, when you are a little older, maybe we can take an airplane there and go and tell the people who live there about Jesus!" That night at Bible Study, there were people absent b/c they were on a mission trip to Peru ( I have never even dreamed of taking my children far away), but just one question, by a young child....and it got me thinking....God is stretching me....pulling me out of my comfort zone, one day, one child at a time. Teaching me that my plans are not always His plans. The lesson was on Jacob - I don't need to make my plans and then say, "okay God, come with me!" I need to wait on God and let Him lead me. One day, I have a feeling He is going to REALLY stretch me and mold me and take me places I could have never imagined or even wished. I am learning to Trust Him - to be willing and ready. To relinquish all this "control" I feel I have and let God be God. Will I trust Him? Am I trusting Him? I have a feeling, just like Jacob, I'll be wrestling with God on this one. All in His will. I am ready.

On a lighter note:
These girls have a great time wherever they go!

Next up was VBS Block Party on Sunday night (before I left for the tournament) - all the downtown churches (4 of them) get together and have a VBS kick off on the street that runs in between them all! The children had a blast as usual - cotton candy is Wilson's new best friend - if only it had some nutritional value at all - except of course a sugar high and empty empty calories, but calories nonetheless, and with Wilson, we'll take anything!!!!

Wilson and his friend Lee - they are only 5 days apart - we are so blessed to have such great friends at our church!!!!!

Marlee (Lee's big sister), Mary Alice, and Emma Claire

There were lots of sweet treats to be found!!!!

Solving the world's problems, one popsicle at a time!!!!

Busy Busy Fun Summer!!!!!


andi said...

LOVE the lizard pictures!! I feel your pain! What a great summer!!!!

Ford Family said...

I am with ya on the lizard...I am super terrified of those little things! Can't believe EC would pick him up, Mackenzie is just as terrified as me...thank goodness! HA!

Lea Liz said...

I am with you here, I hate lizzards but of course you have to act tough for your kids:)

Looks like you all are always having fun!

I always say this.. but I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your kids clothes! Which brand is your fav? I buy the smocked clothing for Brody but haven't found my fav brand yet!

Allyson said...

That lizard looks mad in one of those photos! I hate them too, but I don't dare tell my kiddos that or they would throw him at me!

And I am seriously craving some cotton candy after watching Wilson enjoy his! YUM!!!

I thought about you of the boutique clothing stores had an anavini trunk show and everything was $35.00. I was excited to get some duds for this new little guy. Then I started organizing his closet with the hand me downs and realized he's probably got plenty of little outfits like that to last until he outgrows them because that's all Jack and Hudson wore too. It was fun going back through them all. They have a Castles and Crayons (one of my favs for Lars) inventory sales here at one of the semi-annual consignment sales. It's all brand new stuff at great prices. I got Lauren several of those cute smocked short sets like EC is wearing and they wear so well. I sure do miss those days!

But, I'm so excited about little bubbles like Henderson has on, they are sooo stinkin adorable! Can you truly ever have too many? I think not!

CarolinaGirl said...

Great pictures, and if you are talking about "Casa", as we have called it since 9th grade, OMG that is my favorite. Every time I go home to visit my girlfriends in Greenville ( where I was born and raised) we meet at Casa! Those brothers that own it are awesome, and they still know when I go in, I want no onions and extra black olives on my quesadilla! Too bad they close for a week on July 4th!

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