Friday, September 5, 2008

Why do they do the things they do?

Wilson does the funniest thing EVERYTIME I pick him up from preschool, he says
"mommy!!!!!" with the biggest smile on his face and runs to give me a hug, and THEN immediately starts bawling crying (and I mean can't catch a breath crying) EVERYTIME????? It is quite hilarious and all the teachers just look at him stupified b/c he's not cried all morning long!!!???

I guess he's just so overwhelmed with emotion that he just doesn't know what to do with it all!!! =)

Emma Claire:

Will had to work late last night (until 3:00 am), so Emma Claire slept with me and when he came home he slept in Emma Claire's bed so he wouldn't be woken up in the morning -- yeah right!!!! While I was in the shower, Emma Claire woke up (out of my bed) and immediately went down to give her daddy the picture she had drawn him last night (that I specifically told her to just hang on the door - tied with a beautiful stain ribbon nonetheless -that's my girl!) and then came back upstairs and while she was pottying I looked out of the shower and this is how it went:

Me: good morning pretty girl

EC: good morning - daddy's sleeping, but i gave him the picture I drew for him

Me: You did what? EC, why did you wake your daddy up?

EC: But I was afraid he wouldn't see it and I wanted him to see what a good job I did!! (with the saddest face you ever did see)

Me: Okay (what do you say?), but don't wake him up again!

5 minutes later:

EC: Mommy! I hear Wilson on the monitor, can I go get him?

Me: He can come out, I already opened the door this morning, so he'll come up when he wakes up.

EC: Ughh, mommy? I closed that door when I went downstairs.

Me: fine, EC, go down and open the door, but do not wake your brother up, unless he's already awake

2 minutes later:

Wilson: mommy! daddy night night!!!

Me: EC, did you go in your room again and wake up daddy?

EC: Wilson did!

Me: But how did Wilson know that daddy was in your room?

EC: I showed him!

AAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sorry Will!

30 minutes later as we are loading up the car to leave:

EC: (Frantic!) Mommy it's share day - I need to find something to take to school to share!

Me: Okay, EC, go find something really quick, but be very quiet! (in other words, don't wake up your daddy again)

2 minutes later, still no EC in the car, I go to find her - where is she???? Her ROOM!!!!! Sorry again Will! We settle on a Ballerina Barbie Doll (not in her room by the way).

On another note, for the last 2 days, I've been putting Rice Cereal in Henderson's bottles and he WILL NOT drink them - I've widened the nipple and it flows out fine, but he will only take maybe 2 ounces intead of 5-6. So I'm stopping the cereal in bottles, he seems to like it fine from the spoon (what stays in his mouth), but not so much from the bottle - I guess it taints the perfect bre*** milk!!! =) He's still such a joy and smiles so much and sleeps so good!
We are tailgating tomorrow on the quad - with ALL 3 children - so pray for me - (mainly that we don't lose Wilson) - he's so stinkin' fast!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!


Darby said...

oh kellie! tailgating w/all 3! you are brave. hopefully you'll have lots of help!! can't wait to hear all about it & see pics!

becky said...

how much are you putting in there? just start with like a quarter of a tsp and go up from there. that won't thicken it much at all and he may get used to the taste. plus if it was too thick (even though you widened the nipple) it still may tire him more easily that something is in there. (i had 2 cereal bottle babies!)

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