Sunday, November 30, 2008

National Lampoons Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house - full of laughter, kids, dogs, and mess. 12 adults (my aunt and uncle came down with the flu - so they couldn't make it, thank goodness they found out before they came all the way from south Florida though), 5 children (5 and under) 3 dogs.

We planned to eat at 1:00 - the hope was that Wilson would be down for a nap

Wilson napped at 10:00 instead

My aunt and uncle arrived at 12:00

As they were arriving, both Wilson and Henderson were waking up from their naps

Wilson began puking - everywhere - on Daisy, on Will, on the floor

My aunt and uncle and cousins were driving up the driveway at this same time

My mom and dad were slicing the turkey

My sister was changing Henderson into his Thanksgiving clothes

Will and I were gagging and Wilson was laying on the floor covered in vomit

We sent Daisy out the door (to greet our guests!!!) covered in puke - in hopes that she wouldn't spread it all over the house

Will ran upstairs to change his ENTIRE outfit - well, pants and shirt - I guess men don't like their clothes to be called "outfits"

I layed Wilson in the floor, so I could quickly clean it all up - in hopes that my house wouldn't smell too bad - all the while I was yelling at the other 3 children - "Don't you dare come down here!!!"

Our (first time) guests come in - and are greeted by someone (I hope)

I get it all cleaned up and carry Wilson up stairs and lay him in the bath tub - he won't even sit up and clean him, dress him in a t-shirt and lay him on a mattress in our bedroom - he goes right back to sleep

I go to the kitchen, scrub my hands REALLY good and try to act like a good hostess!!!!

After I finish eating, I go check on Wilson and he says he wants to get up, so I carry him out just to see everyone (from a distance) and about 3 minutes later, he's sweaty and crying, so I run him back to my room and he throws up again.

I lay him back down and he goes back to sleep

About 30 minutes later, I look up from nursing Henderson and I see my mom with Wilson outside

She says he wanted to get up

I said, "Well, watch out!"

She gets him some pumpkin roll, b/c he says he's hungry - I do not think this is a good idea, but they are outside and I am not around, so let them be

He eats it and wants more, he eats more and wants even more!!!!

Then he swings on the swing set - I just know he is about to spew

But he doesn't - he begins playing and is fine the rest of the day!!!! Thank you God!

Needless to say, I didn't get many good pictures on this day

This is what Wilson did on Wednesday - do you think this had anything to do with it?

The pictures that follow are from Thanksgiving morning when we swapped gifts with my sisters b/c we won't see them on Christmas this year!

I hope yours was a good one!


Allyson@House of Stephens said...

Oh No! I feel bad for having to giggle while I read your TRUE National Lampoons Thanksgiving story!

I bet you'll never forget this Thanksgiving! Don't you love how kids add that extra little curve ball in when you've got "perfect" planned out exactly (and been working on it for sooo long)? I bet it was still beautiful.

I picture Martha Stewart's holidays like that...unexpected chaos all around, but she is still smiling, greeting and being the quintessential hostess full of grace and poise.

I bet that's exactly how your family would say you were!

andi said...

That is too much! Girl! I can't even believe it. I am so sorry, but I loved the laugh. Great post!

MIMILEE said...

FUNNY, Kellie.........I can still remember those chaotic days for sure!

I saw Mary Jane recently at McCartney's slumber party and she had such nice things to say about you!

Thanks for visiting me!

Katie said...

you poor thing - if you can be thankful through all that - then you truly have the thanksgiving spirit!

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