Friday, February 20, 2009

Potty Training Update

Well, after a few requests on an update with how the potty training is going.. here it is

We are Potty TRAINING - and I mean TRAINING

With Emma Claire - she just got it - decided she didn't want to wear diapers any more at 24 months and wham - NO accidents EVER - even at night. Never wore a pull-up a day in her life.

With Wilson - well, he's got the tee-teeing down - that is unless you mention going to the potty when you are not right next to a potty and he'll tee-tee on demand wherever he is. I picked up on this quick. One day we were in the library at church and I told him that I was about to take him to the potty before dinner and he sat down and tee-teed right there. Another Sunday morning after he was dressed, I asked him if he needed to go to the potty and he said "no" and then started holding himself and tee-teed a little in his underwear and on his jon-jon. NOW, I do not mention tee-tee or potty unless we are standing next to the potty with his pants down.

I have reverted back to pull-ups at school simply b/c he hasn't mastered the poop. I don't know if he is SCARED to poop in the potty or what, but he just won't - and for a guy who eats NOTHING, he sure does poop ALOT - like 4-6 times a day!!!! And I think he's learned to wait until he has a diaper on at nap time or bed time and then he poops - so this tells me he has some control, but just chooses when and where he wants to go.

I know I should probably just MAKE him go in underwear and he'll learn - but I PROMISE you he DOESN'T CARE if he and everything else are covered in poop.

I did not blog about this incident, simply b/c my husband asked me not to and it still makes me gag even thinking about it, but last Saturday morning - Wilson had an "accident" in our basement den while I was out jogging and Will was upstairs - the children were only alone for about 5 minutes, but by the time Will found them - (I'm pausing b/c I can't even type this) Wilson and Henderson and my rug, coffee table, magazines, 3 remote controls, big screen tv, sofa and chair - were COVERED in poop. Wilson had pooped in his underwear, taken them off and then he and Henderson had played in it, eaten it and smeared it on every surface in the room. It took Will and I an hour (together) to get it all cleaned up. I gathered every cleaning product I had in my house and some things like baking soda and towels and bucket of water and dish soap and lysol, febreeze - EVERYTHING I could think of to clean it. It all came up and thankfully the smell was gone after a day. I have NEVER in my life seen such disgust - I shiver just thinking and writing about it. We watched Henderson closely for the next few days, just KNOWING he would get e-coli or something - but he seems alright.

So Wilson has been in pull-ups when out of the house lately and in jon-jons and long-alls more often also (I've realized the poop is less accessible if he can't get his pants down on his own). So we are TRAINING - and it is the hardest thing I HAVE EVER DONE!

On the up side, yesterday Wilson woke up from a long nights sleep COMPLETELY DRY!! I couldn't believe it myself. And last night, after he had been in bed for an hour, he came upstairs naked, holding his diaper out to throw it in the trash b/c he had tee-teed in it - maybe there's hope! BUT, this morning he woke up with a soaking wet diaper.

He does great at school - never has a tee tee accident, but still poops in whatever he has on. At home he does great with tee-tee too, but until he begins to be disgusted by playing with his own poop - I don't know if he will "GET" it.

Just keeping it real!


becky said...

oh girl...that's real. that's real bad! bless yall's heart (cause yall can be a double plural). i'm glad they didn't get sick!!

Katie said...

I just let Matt read this blog. I think it's safe to say that we might not ever be having children.... We both feel pretty sick now.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

That was a hilarious story and I'm not going to let my husband read it..because I know he'll nix the whole children idea. That was SO gross. =)

Misty said...

Hang in there...My son had the same issues with pooping 3-4 times daily and refused to do it in the potty. (my daughter did it like a champ)something with the little boys..He WILL do it when he is ready. Just keep talking to him about it and do not give up. He WILL surprise you one day when you least expect it.

Allyson@House of Stephens said...

Hang in there!!! As a good friend said to me, "by the time he's in kindergarten he'll be trained or embarrassed by having accident."
She was right, although I was pretty sure at the time we might be having the embarrassment issues!

We all have poop "incidents"...but I will say ours haven't been quite that bad. Sorry! Hudson's happened when we had a babysitter over and needless to say, she never took us up on our offer to watch the kids again!

I'm still laughing at the comment on a previous post about the Dora undies and all the other boys wanting a pair! How true!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! We are right the opposite - poops in the potty every time but will stand and tee tee in his pants with me watching and say "its just a little bit mom" as a puddle forms at his feet. We have gone through a bottle of Febreze in record time. Glad none of them got sick! We have reverted back to pull-ups for nap time too. I hate going backwards but hate doing loads of laundry every day even more.

Hannah said...

Wow I don't know how I would've handled that. I think I would have gotten sick. But it's funny to me because my husband tells me that his parents used to find him and his older brother sticking their little hands down their pants and getting some poop to munch on... oh boys don't you know thats gross!

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