Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Day

WARNING!!!! This post could easily have been 3 posts - especially picturewise, but here goes!!!!

First of all, Henderson woke up fever free today!!!!! It broke late yesterday afternoon and he hasn't had any tylenol or motrin since Saturday at noon. He was pretty fussy and lethargic today though, you can still tell he doesn't feel great, but no fever is a good sign. He hasn't had much to eat or drink - a total of about 6 oz all day, but he's had a couple wet diapers, so that's good. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.

Today was the finale of "Annie" and we got a babysitter and took Emma Claire to the show! IT.WAS.AWESOME!!!!! Emma Claire has been singing and dancing all afternoon - she is determined to be up there for the next show in the fall ("Alice in Wonderland" is what I've heard) - we'll see about that. We have alot of work to do, but I know it's something she would enjoy, so we'll give it a try! Her cousin, Chandler, who was a little orphan, did great - they all did great!!!!

This is Will and I and Emma Claire, Will's mom and dad, Will's sister (Ellen) and her husband (Stan) and Chandler and Patton

We had front row seats!!!!!

3 little orphans, glad to be finished and enjoying the cast party!!!

Enjoying some snacks at the cast party!!!

Henderson eyeing Daisy's food - he no longer goes after it, but he sure does "think" about it!!!

Pajama clad Emma Claire watching "Bible Man" - have you ever heard of these videos??? They're GREAT and she loves them - they are loaded with scripture and teach a lesson with every show - very "super hero" like!!!!!

Wilson and I played a game of "camera hide and seek" - since he LOVES to get his picture taken - this picture just cracked me up - while hiding under the table, he kept telling me to take his picture - that's the only way he likes it- if his face is hidden!!!!

I knew he had to come out sooner or later!!!!

Got ya!!!!!

Look ma! No hands!!!!!

I think I'm going to try it!!!!

One step, and DOWN!!!!!!


Lindsey said...

I know two little girls who were in that play! Their dad grew up in Slocomb where I did and they obviously now live in Slocomb. I used to babysit for them when I was in college. And I have also spent a night a play practice with them!

SHicks said...

I'm so glad that Hendeson is doing better - at least no fever. We'll be praying that he is back to his normal-self soon! We're thinking about you. Your kids are so stink'n cute. You do a great job with your posts!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I know y'all had a blast at Annie! Fun times!
And I've never heard of Bible Man! I'll have to google it...
I'm sure my 2 superhero fans would love it!

Katie said...

So glad that H is feeling better and that y'all had a good weekend! I can't wait to see those little rugrats in 2 weeks!!

lindseykennedy said...

I'm so sad I missed you at the play! Believe me, I would have had a lot more fun in Tuscaloosa. Thanks for the sweet compliments too. I'm sooo glad Emma Claire is goign to do the theatre camp and Alice in Wonderland!! Brent is in charge of the camp, but we wont be able to do Alice because of the baby. *Due Nov. 7th to answer your question*. She will do great though! Its such a confidence booster too, especially when they start out young.

Ford Family said...

Oh fun...I so wish I could have gotten tickets when Annie was here...I know Mackenzie would have loved it!!

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