Friday, April 24, 2009

Foam Zone

I took Emma Claire and Wilson to the Birmingham Zoo today - and boy was it a BEAUTIFUL day - 90 degrees - isn't it still April????? I could just about do a different post on all the different areas of the zoo - but in normal fashion, I hunked it all together in one with about 234 pictures!!!! Not really, but REALLY, I DID take 384 pictures today - JUST AT THE ZOO!!!! Crazy.

Where in the world is Emma Claire????

My children love animals - all of them! The zoo is heaven on earth - they were running from place to place - with excitement in their eyes!!!

Even with all the fun with the animals - the Foam Zone was definitely the HIT - but at $2.50 per child for less than 10 minutes, not quite a rip off, knowing how much fun they had, but not completely worth it either - I wonder if you can rent those things for a birthday party or something - NOW THAT WOULD BE FUN!!!!!

Yep, Wilson tested the goose and he snapped at his finger - right after I read the sign to him!!!!

Wilson laughed.

I have to tell on Emma Claire here, simply because she rarely EVER gets in trouble out in public places like this, especially by someone other than myself. But, she wanted to pet these sheep SO bad. They were in a roped off area most of the time, but occasionally one would creep out into the water spray. One time, Emma Claire saw it coming and went after him. He saw her coming and turned and ran the other way - well, EC commensed to chasing him - and the lady said, "Hey little girl! No chasing the sheep!!!" - I don't know why that was so funny to me - I guess it had more to do with the fact that it was EC doing the chasing and not Wilson.

The petting zoo part was the next favorite thing - neither child wanted to leave.

Check these next 3 pictures out..... Wilson couldn't just pet the goats on their backs....he had to get right in their faces and talk to them first - maybe he was intoducing himself or something, "Hey, Mr Goat, I am going to be your little boy-brusher for the next 2 minutes....I know you've been brushed 200 times already today, but just lay really still, it won't hurt a bit!"

The carousel was fun too....I think this may have been Wilson's first time on one, though I might be wrong -

The water fountains were a hit too, Emma Claire took full advantage of them....Wilson had fun jumping in the puddles, but I never did see him run through and get his body wet. He's never been much for cold water, even when it involves a fun time - I think it has to do with his low body fat and always being cold!!!!! Wilson doesn't normally LOVE the pool during the summer until about the week before school starts back in August - THEN the water is finally warm enough for him!

The Tigers were the best seen animal today - they were right THERE in FRONT!!!!!

Giraffes are such beautiful animals!

The butterfly camp opens in 1 week - it's always fun - sad we missed it!!!!

Wilson was a little apprehensive of the train ride at first, but once it started going, he looked at me and said, "Mamma, this fun!!!!"

(this is actually a great picture of Wilson's exotropia in his left eye - it's turned outwards, not focusing on whatever the right eye is looking at)

One funny I about forgot to mention. After they got through in the water, we were in the dressing room/bathroom changing back into dry clothes and Wilson had to go potty. SO, I took him NAKED (as if that alone wasn't enough to bring a few chuckles out of some women and children) over to the bathroom side and helped him use the potty. After he was done, I turned around and headed out the stall, while telling him to come on and wash his hands. I got to the sink and turned around to pick him up.....
I ran back over to the stall we had been in and a sweet lady was going in it at the same time and we both saw it....
The toilet was flushing and Wilson had his
I kid you not.
We both let out a groan...
I whisked Wilson up and did my best to explain to him how dirty that was, all the while hearing the lady laugh and say, "Boys will be boys!"


Rachel said...

oh my goodness...that Wilson is a hoot! yeah, i think i took at least 200 pictures the day we went to the zoo! looks like y'all had a great time!

Lauren J. said...

sounds like you had a great day! I am looking forward to making memories like this with my little's true that boys will be boys...I've got two brothers to prove it!! Great pictures!

Allyson said...

I LOVE the zoo, probably more than my kids, and I don't think you can ever take to many photos of anything...especially the zoo and the beach!

I am going nuts over the bird that you guys got to touch. Our zoo is amazing, but has nothing like that -- I'm jealous! The foam was neat too, but I swear our jacuzzi tub has done the same thing (for free) if you add lots of liquid bubbles and turn it on! Yea, we figured that one out the hard way and it's probably the reason it doesn't work so well now.

Lastly, the toilet incident is hilarious. As you know, I've had my head in my share of public toilets lately, and I can tell you they are sooo nasty! I have gone through more spray sanitizer than one person should own in a lifetime! Oh Wilson, please say it ain't so. (K - from personal experience x2, I tell you this in love! I'm thinking this will seem mild one day because I've been there...more than once! Just keep laughing and washing those little hands! It'll make for some big laughs one day, I promise -- by you and the people who happen to be watching).

Enjoy the warm weather, I know we are.

Lindsey said...

you're stories about wilson give me hope for grady:). glad you guys had a great day. next time you go, let me know and maybe we can join you! where was henderson? thanks for giving me some good laughs today!

Lindsey said...

Cute pics! And my husband and I laughed hysterically (and cringed a bit) about the bathroom incident.

Ford Family said...

looks like yall had a blast--cute pics! :)

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