Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beachin' It!!!!!

Don't be jealous, but we are still here.....and having the time of our lives!!!!!

It has truly been a fabulous vacation - can you see the rainbow in the top left corner of the picture before? The weather has been perfect!!!!! The children have been great too - little Henderson is a little sick - with fever and croup - yuck, but he's been a trooper!

Here is Abner Wilson Patton III, IV, & V!!!!!!!

We ALL went out to eat one night at Margaritaville - the perfect place for 7 small children - the entertainment held their attention well and the food was great to boot!

The Children's table - just excuse the mermaid's bosom in the background - I never even noticed it while we were at the restaurant, but when I began uploading my pictures - There They Were - Everywhere!!!!

Wilson Loves his Grandaddy Bud!!!!

These 2 have become so much closer this week - Emma Claire wants to be just like Chandler in every way - and Chandler is SO sweet to Emma Claire!!!!

Will and Henderson

Just a little Horseplay!

See ya soon!


Allyson said...

Great photos! I sure do miss the days of matching smocked outfits!!! They are ALL so precious! You are blessed, but you already know that!

Laughing that you just noticed the topless mermaid! My kids would have noticed that first thing and if we were sitting that close, they would have been snickering and pointing all night!

Becky said...

too bad...i AM jealous!! i'm really jealous that you had time to wait on pictures to upload to blogger. that's a big feat these days!!

Darby said...

I wish I was there... JEALOUS even though yo said not to be! :)

Rachel said...

okay, the mermaid is hilarious! i probably wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out! ha! love all the pictures!!!!

Lindsey said...

I love Margaritaville and I have never noticed the mermaid! haha :)

Melody Uptain said...

Beautiful pictures. I am SOOO jealous.

CarolinaGirl said...

What great photos! I hope you guys are having a blast. The kids look adorable- imagine that! :)

Will's side of the family

Will's side of the family

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Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

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How we REALLY like to dress!

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Lots of Love!

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Best Friends!

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Children being children!