Monday, May 4, 2009

Henderson's Birthday!

WHAT.A.WEEKEND - I was in the bed at 8:00 last night - only an hour after everyone left from the birthday party - it was a VERY fun weekend - but party after festival after festival after party - whew!!!!!! This post is only Henderson's Birthday Celebration, but over the next few days I'll cover Fuller's Festival and T-Town Block Party! Just know....I took over 900 pictures this weekend - you'll get to see a few.
Last night we had a small celebration at our house for Henderson's 1st Birthday - I cooked (well, heated) a lasagna and garlic bread, made a salad and then had other goodies and cakes.
I moved Henderson's high chair out to the porch because I had no idea what he would do with all that deliciousness (and the other children had BLUE cupcakes)!

He was not too happy to get back in his high chair
But I don't WANT to get back in that highchair!!!!!

What are all these people staring at me for?

Out of all of you, can't someone get me out?

Hmmmmmm, so this is why I'm in this, let me see

Wilson liked his blue cupcake

This sure is fun to play in!

It feels good to my little fingers!!!!

Maybe I can put my face down in it and eat it like a dog!!!???

(He really tried to put his face down in it several times, but couldn't get his body to bend in the right place - THANK.GOODNESS - though it would have made for great pictures!!!)

I think I'll just throw it at all you crazy people laughing at me!

MMMmmmmmm, that is kinda Yummy!

But, more fun to throw!

After THAT was all over, I gave Henderson a quick bath and then it was present time!!!
He really liked his little car Ga-Ga and Grandaddy gave him!

Wilson liked the car too, so we'll see how many fights occur over this (and who wins)!!!!

Henderson didn't get to do much present-opening for all the big kids, but that's okay.

Henderson pushing "real life" baby doll around - watch out, she'll scare you - turn a corner and she'll be sitting on the couch or laying at the top of the stairs and you'll about jump out of your skin!!!!!

Some sweet treats!!!

I attempted his "smash" cake on my own - turned out okay!

All I can say is YUMMY!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a super, special day for Henderson!


Allyson said...

Too cute. Love when they play in the cake. I also like the candy buffet. At my house it would be empty before guest even arrived!

We have the same car and usually just open the hood up and let another one sit in there. It's lasted through 3 kids and hopefully a 4th. You'll have lots of fun with it!

Melody Uptain said...

I love first birthdays. They always have such fun in their cake. Love the candy buffet. Such a great idea. I will have to try that. Hope you recover soon. Happy Birthday to Henderson!!!

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