Monday, May 25, 2009

Mother's Day Ballet

Not only was this weekend Memorial Day weekend, but it was also the spring recital for our dance school. We kicked it off Saturday afternoon with dress rehearsal and then Ashley and I took Emma Claire and Mary Alice to see the Company's Jazz Night and High School Musical production - this, in particular, sealed the deal for us - in addition that our babysitter for the summer was one of the lead roles!!!! The girls had a blast, even though we were there for 4 hours - 10:30 on a Saturday night is LATE - especially with church AND a recital of our own in the very near future. But it was well worth it - it was AMAZING!!!!!

The dress rehearsal went fabulous - it finally ALL.CAME.TOGETHER!!!!! 13 little girls on stage with strollers and baby dolls = chaos, if not carefully planned!!!!! But, it WAS carefully planned and EXECUTED by some wonderful little mommas and teachers!!!! The preschool theme was Calendar Girls, with ours being Mother's Day - they were precious in their hats and dresses, pushing their babies in strollers and swaying them in the air!!!! The only thing lacking on Emma Claire at rehearsal was a smile - but she hit it big at the recital!!!!! She's typically a serious child and she was trying so hard to do it JUST.RIGHT!!!!!

No photography was allowed at the actual performance, so all these were taken at the dress rehearsal!!!!

(not even half of the beautiful bunch!!!!)

After the dress rehearsal (you can see I still have my swimsuit on - more on that later)

After the performance - flowers from her daddy and Nana!!!!

Patton and Chandler came to watch her too and gave her a sweet ballerina bear!!!! She proudly displayed it on her desk in her room!

Opening a gift from mommy and daddy - it contained: candy, pack of gum, new ballet tutu, High School Musical DVD - guess what she ended up being most excited about???

GUM!!!!! Isn't that typical????
She actually is really excited about High School Musical - watched it as soonn as she got home, but when she pulled the gum out, she exclaimed --- GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - we all laughed!!!!!

Emma Claire and Caroline - sans hats!!!!!

What a wonderful day for our little ballerina!!!!!
We're so proud of you Emma Claire!!!!!!


Love Being a Nonny said...

What an exciting time! I can't wait for my Emma Claire to do this.

She was always. can't wait to hear the bathing suit at rehearsal story!!! (I imagine it;s because there are not enough hours in the day)!!

amy kennedy said...

Sweet pictures! Emma Claire is such a little cutie pie. I know y'all are SO proud of her!

Amanda said...


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So stinking cute!!! Love the pictures and I completely agree about the gum. You could give them gum and a pony and GUMMMMM would still win!

Allyson said...

How adorable. Lauren's ballet class never did anything remotely close to that. It looks very well organized.

She looks so beautiful.

And I love the gum story. Sounds very familiar.

Lindsey said...

what a beautiful ballerina. i know you are proud! hopefully i'll have a few of these in our future too.

Katie said...

NEW POST!! I'm having withdrawals....

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics! She was beautiful! You have a beautiful family.

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