Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh what fun it is to be.....

So VERY VERY busy!!!!!
Friday morning was the last day for Emma Claire's tennis camp - she had a blast and learned alot - maybe she'll follow in my footsteps with this one. I heading down to Mobile this week for the State Tournament - wish me luck - it's going to be HOT down there!!!! Oh! and by the way, do any of you listen to Rick and Bubba? Well, the team we play first is Bubba's wife, Betty Bussey's team - I hear they're REALLY good - if anyone knows anything about them - feel free to tell!!!!!

A trophy - that's all you need to make little kids' dreams come true!!!

Friday night we met Ashley and William at Pepitos (or Puppy Toes as the children like to say) for dinner before heading to my neice, Chandler's 8th Birthday party at the pool!

This little guy LOVES some water - he has NO fear!!!!

Did I mention that yesterday at 2:00 pm the high had only reached 65 degrees???? It was VERY cold in the pool last night!!!!
That didn't stop the children from having a blast though!!!

The birthday girl herself with Will's parents!!!!
Happy Birthday Chandler - though we'll celebrate it again in a few weeks when it's REALLY your birthday!!!!

Emma Claire enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza - even AFTER we ate dinner at the restaurant - she's our "eater"!!!!

He likes to eat too - I caught him trying to swipe a huge pink cupcake at one point - it didn't take him long to be COVERED it hot pink icing - I was too busy trying to get him cleaned to get a picture!!!!!

Wilson would rather plaly with Sarah Davis and the pink flamingos than to eat!!!! They'll be a cute couple one day!!!!

It was a triple party - all 3 birthday girls!!!!!

I brought the 3 children home while Will went to a movie with a friend. Wilson and Emma Claire ended up going straight to my bed and falling asleep. This morning I woke up to find Will in Emma Claire's bed - I guess he thought it was too much trouble to take 2 children down stairs to their rooms. They slept until after 7:00 - that's a record for Wilson - he's usually a 5 am'er!!!! Henderson was up at 6:00, so don't get too jealous of my Saturday morning!!!!
When Will woke up, I put Henderson in his high chair with a cinnamon roll, ran out for a quick run and came back to Will walking out the door to go set up for the Family Fun Day for his work and Henderson covered in icing from head to toe. I took him out of his high chair and just put him in the kitchen sink for a quick bath. Next thing I know, I look down and the water in the sink is BRIGHT RED!!!!! The cup Henderson is playing with is covered in blood too. I hadn't taken my eyes off him and couldn't figure out what was happening. I quickly got him out of the water and rinsed him off and realized his index finger and palm had been sliced open - blood was shooting out. Have you ever tried to get a 13 month old to let you put pressure on his hand for an extended period of time, or better yet kept a band-aid on it? He would have none of it. Not that it was doing any good anyways. It was a blood bath. ( I still don't know what he cut his finger on - the sink was empty, the only thing I can think of, is that he tried to lift up the drain cover and somehow got his finger on the rim and sliced it there, though it really doesn't seem that sharp to me - who knows!!!???)
I kept a cold compress on it, but everytime I let go blood came shooting out!!!! After 30 minutes, I finally realized it wasn't going to stop on it's own and a 13 month old isn't going to just "not touch anything" like I kept asking him!!!!! Soooooo I managed to get Wilson and Emma Claire somewhat dressed (they were still in pajamas) without putting Henderson down, because my house already had enough blood on it!!!! I took them to Will's parent's house and drove to Med North - an outpatient family practice. I got there at 8:30 - they didn't open until 9:00. I decided to drive to the emergency room that was 5 minutes away. I got there, signed in and waited. And waited and waited and waited - all while standing (b/c I dare not sit down in the filth of the ED waiting room), holding Henderson wrapped in white towel - covered in blood and HE is covered in blood, b/c he wouldn't keep his bleeding finger by his side - he rubbed it on his head, stuck it in his mouth, rubbed it on me and on his legs - he looked as if he had been shot. I have never seen so much blood before. After 15 minutes of still waiting and seeing that my sign -in sheet was still just sitting at the window - I left - and it's not as if they were very crowded, there were only 2 other people in the waiting area. Not sure why it's called the emergency department, because one may surely die in that waiting room.....waiting.
So, back to Med North we go - they are open now, but there are probably 8 people ahead of me. I signed us in and we sat down and not 2 minutes later they called us back. Apparently they care enough not to have their waiting room covered in blood.
We immediately had a nurse and a CRNP cleaning his off with Saline from head to toe to figure out where the bleeding is actually coming from. Finally found the 2 sources - his index finger and palm - the skin is flipping back, fairly deep. She had to cut the circulation off just to get it to stop bleeding for long enough to put Dermabond on it - now that's some good stuff - sure beating holding him down listening to him scream while they try to stitch him up!!!! He was a great patient. Thank you Med North for being a WONDERFUL, CLEAN place for me to take my child, and for realizing an EMERGENCY situation (though not life-threatening, still something that needed to be seen to quickly)!!!!
In the meantime, Will's parents took Emma Claire and Wilson back to our house to get them ready for a 10:00 birthday party at the park. They took them and I came home, put Henderson to bed and got a shower. Then I woke Henderson up, got him dressed and headed to the party, then to Will's work family fun day where we ate a good lunch, chased children around, bounced in the bounce houses and had popsicles and ice cream.
Now we are all home and the children are ALL asleep and I am about to get dressed so Will and Emma Claire and I can head down to Montgomery for my sister's engagement party - whew - are you tired yet????? I sure am, but it'll be lots of fun!!!! Will's parents are keeping the boys, so we don't have to chase them around all night!!!!
Tomorrow the fun continues with church, then a family reunion, then a VBS block party!!!! Did I mention I am leaving this week to go play in a State Tennis Tournament - THAT will be rest!!!!!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a story....I enjoyed reading your blog today.
I am still finding my way around blogland....
I always love making new friends..

I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by.
Each comment enters you for the June giveaway.

Amy said...

Girl you are BUSY! I love EC's smocked flip flop suit-too cute. I need one of those for my little Hayes. So sorry about your little man's finger too and all the drama! Enjoy your trip next week and some time to yourself! Amy Kennedy

Love Being a Nonny said...

Good Grief Girl! I am tired just READING this post. How well I remember those days of being that busy. I would love to have the little children back, but not those times where I *met myself coming back*. Try to enjoy it!!! As always, precious children!

Ford Family said...

we had an ER experience with Davis
& like was horrible!! I hope I don't have to enter those doors again!!

Allyson said...

Poor Henderson. I can't stand ER's either, they take so stinkin long. I'm glad you found a good (clean) place that fixed him up. Did you ever figure out how he cut himself? Poor little guy. And thank goodness for family to help out. All our family is nearby and they come to our rescue all the time! We couldn't do it without them.

Good luck in the tennis tourny! Sounds like lots of fun. I hope it's not too hot down there.

I don't know how you do it. If every one of my weekends were as busy as yours, I'd be in the hospital from exhaustion. I'm still trying to recover from last weekend and last weeks jam packed, non-stop schedule. You'll have to post an entry on how you pack and stay organized going to all these things. All the packing and clothing changes do me in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I am glad he is OK. Cute pics! Have a safe trip!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OH My Word. I am tired just reading all that!! Good Gravy!
I am so glad Henderson is OK and you found some help. That is ridiculous!
On another note- I love that picture of you and henderson at the pool. that'ts a frame-r. Adorable!
And, I love R&B. I can't believe you're playing Betty's team! Good luck! Can't wait for the update!

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