Tuesday, June 2, 2009


To answer the most popular question of late....the blow-up water slide was at my friend, Ashley's house - I asked her the same - "where did you get that?" It was bought over a year ago and she couldn't remember exactly because they shopped around - but either Toys-R-Us or Sam's. Their neighbors bought one last week similar to that one, so I know they are available right now. Check out the stores mentioned above and also maybe Academy Sports and Walmart.com - just some suggestions. If you have a place to use it AND a place to store it - I say go for it - the children have hours and hours of fun and it would be great for parties too! Our backyard is hilly and tends to get muddy, so we will not be purchasing one, but we hope to get invited back for more fun in the sun!
I'm going to open up the floor for more questions - I get questions from time to time from my 4 readers, but rarely do I remember to answer them - SORRY!!!! I'll try my best at this time to do so! If you asked before and not gotten a response back from me - ask again - I'm busy busy with work and 3 children and forget to go back to those comments and emails! Fire away!!!!
In other news, Wilson had his Failure to Thrive check up and it went okay. Does the term Failure to Thrive bring the same emotions to you as it does to me? I am a dietitian and I remember studying that in school and thinking it only applied to children who were neglected or lived in Third World Countries. Well, apparently not - he's been diagnosed since he was about 6 months old. He's simply off the charts in weight and height. At 3 months shy of turning 3 years old he's weighing in at a whopping 25 # 14 oz!!!! Go Wilson - he's consistently gaining, but at a very slow rate. He's a TERRIBLE eater, but doing better each day with much focused attention at meal times. But with all that, his little brother is a SUPER eater and weighs in at 17# 13 oz at 12 months - only a pound larger than Wilson at 12 months. SO, this begs the question, had Wilson been a great eater, would it have made any difference? We will never know. Hopefully they will just be late bloomers!!!!
Alrighty then, the floor is open!!!!


Melanie said...

Let me introduce myself! My name is Melanie Simpson, from NW Arkansas, and found your blog from Kelly's Korner (I think?). Anyway, have enjoyed seeing your family and home - always fun to peak into another mom's life to see how she manages everything! Our youngest, Will (21mos) was labeled Failure to Thrive at his 9 mo. checkup. We went to the Lactation Consultant, upped my fat intake, etc and slowly but surely over the last year he has gained a bit more, but is defnitely the smallest of our three (soon to be four). More to the story, but the gist is, keep on doing what you're doing - not every kiddo can "fit" the charts! Your kids look healthy and happy - for what more can we ask? www.5simpsons.blogspot.com

Ivy said...

You have more then 4 readers, silly! I wish I could have one of those blow up water slides in my backyard for ME to play on...maybe one day:)

Ford Family said...

Glad you answered the blow up question, I wondered, but didn't take the time to ask...I know my kids would love it, we have the blowup castle already & like you said you have to have a good place to store it, b/c it never folds up SMALL!! ( I laughed the 1st time we opened in b/c it had a carry bag--I was like yeh right, we will never get that thing back in there!!)

Love Being a Nonny said...

Ok, here goes. It's the clothes and shoes I love!!!

Where do you generally get Emma Claire's shoes? I think I see that she wears MooShoes...Do you order them online? Also, how about for your boys? Give me some good tips. I am a clothes and shoes addict...for children!! They always look precious!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

I am an Alabama gal living in Arizona and I really enjoy reading your blog! Love the clothes your children wear and am sad that my Sofia is getting too big (by Arizona fashion standards) to wear smocked dresses all the time!

I did not have a question, but just wanted to add that right now Sam's has that huge slide thing for $599!

andi said...

Howdy....onto the Failure to thrive, have you asked to see a pediatric endocrinologist. I would push it since you seem concerned with it and it keeps coming up.

The Hornsbys said...

I found the water slide at walmart.com. The website said it was a "walmart exclusive," which leads me to believe no one else sells it. It costs around $400. Needless to say, we will not be purchasing one. :) I'm going this afternoon to get a plastic pool with a slide...just like I had 23 years ago when I was a little one. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kellie-I found your blog via another blog(can't remember), but I too have enjoyed reading about your family. I am a SAHM, new to the blog world, and I really enjoy your blog. Regarding your son, he looks healthy to me but I will continue to keep him in my prayers. He is soo cute! You have a beautiful family! BTW~we live in the same city. I am new to the area so I also find out about local activities via your blog. For example, I had no idea the maternity and children's boutique by the ballet school is now a consignment shop..lol..lol! I also seriously doubt that you have just 4 readers. You probably have a lot more.

Melody Uptain said...

All of my children are tiny. I have people ask me all the time if they eat or-if you can believe it-do I feed them? They gain weight but slowly. Riley is almost 7 and only weighs 35 lbs. Much less than other kids her age. Our pediatrician has always told me that as long as they are developing and doing things like kids their age, not to worry. Like I tell Riley, God made us all different. If we all looked the same and were exactly the same size, life would be boring.

CarolinaGirl said...

Love, love, love your blog! OK, how do you look that good in a bikini, after 3 kids!!!!?????? That is just not fair! The kids are always adorable, and you have such great taste in clothes and decorating!

Allyson said...

Hey Kellie - I took a (single) nutrition class in college and I remember thinking the same thing about Failure to Thrive. That's like they diagnosed my multiple miscarriages as "habitual abortion". Someone needs to make some more sensitive and PC terms!

He's looks like he's thriving to me. So he's picky, do they take into account that you're petite? I know that has to be a stressful thing for you. I'll be praying about it.

And Target has a nice blow up slide -- that was on sale a few weeks ago for the mid-400's. They look fun, but my kids would have a hole in that thing in a matter of minutes. And if not them, the dog.

aedozier said...
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aedozier said...

I deleted my previous post b/c I had a misspelling...
Hey! Mom and Dad bought one for the lake..sounds silly but the lake water in the slew where their house is dirty and you can sometimes find a snake or two. They bought the one at Sam's. I posted some pics of MM sliding down Memorial Day weekend. I forgot to take one of the whole thing.
As for Wilson, he seems to be on track developmentally so I would keep doing what you are doing. I know it's frustrating and I would be discouraged with the "label". I know you say he is picky, but he's also 2! There is plenty of time to get him eating right.

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