Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This past weekend we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and lower humidity by going to the Barnyard with a few friends in honor of Emma Claire and Wilson's upcoming birthdays! Everyone had a blast - my children have this fondness for animals that can't be described - take a look at the pictures and see for yourself - but a warning - there are MANY!!!!

Not sure if Henderson has the chick by the head or if the chick has Henderson's finger - by the look on his face, I'd say the chick has the finger!

Baby bunnies - does it get any cuter?

The newlyweds made it!

Swine Flu? What's that?

Notice the tight grip my mom has on Henderson - I was a nervous wreck with him by the water, and I'm usually pretty calm in situations like this - but I've seen him dive in the pool countless times and know HE.HAS.NO.FEAR!!!!!!

A simple boat ride

some took a little longer to let go!

Watch out - they bite!

He wanted to get down by the water!

Cousins and best friends!

a little fishin'

a BIG catfish!

time for dinner!

love at first sight!

poor bunny

Ready to ride - making sure no one gets in front of him!

picture taking is HARD with 1 year olds!


hold me mommy!

Do you see what's happening here?

Look closely!

Chasing Chickens!!!!!

The next time I have some kiddos over, I think I'm going to buy some live chickens and let them in the backyard and just let the children wear themselves out for hours! Seriously....that was the highlight of the evening!

Hope you are enjoying your rest, chickens - you deserve it!!!


Katie said...

yay for a new post! That picture of H wanting you to hold him was probably when I was around him.

Great pictures! We had a great time!

Ford Family said...

What a fun day!! :)

Allyson said...

Cute stuff! That bunny is adorable. And I love the chicken chasing. I guess that makes for a meaty chicken leg!

Leigh Collins said...

Gotta love The Barnyard! We had MM's 3rd birthday party out there and it is still one of her faves!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Emma Claire!

Patti said...

Great pics! Glad the kids had fun!

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