Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Little Claire Peep

Well, Summer is almost over - we start school on Tuesday!!!! I can't believe Emma Claire will be starting kindergarten - where has time gone? With the new school year comes all sorts of fun and exciting things - like auditioning for the Fall Play with the local children's Theatre group! Emma Claire is finally old enough to audition and after 2 weeks of Theatre Camp - she was ready! She sang Rubber Duckie from Sesame Street and her monologue (if you can call a poem a monologue) was Little Bo Peep! She was the youngest of the 5 in her group - her cousin, Chandler, was right there with her (she's a seasoned veteran on her 10th show, I think!) She was happy with her audition and that's all that counts! We won't find out until Sunday if she was cast, so waiting is the hard part - for ME anyways, I don't think EC has thought about it at all. She has such a good spirit about it - We were praying together before her audition and she prayed," God, it's okay if I don't make it b/c I can always still go watch the show!" Seriously, she never ceases to amaze me! God is so good!

***The oufit was borrowed from my friend, Melissa, whose daughter is in the purple - isn't it a great Little Bo Peep costume? - her mother made it!

The other highlight of our weekend was Mr. Turtle!

Will and Wilson found him while doing some yard work on Saturday. We kept him until Sunday afternoon (so we could show him off to all our cousins and friends!!) then let him go free!

Of course my bunch ain't afraid of ANYTHING!!!!!

Last Friday was the final showcase for Emma Claire's Theatre camp - you can see from the pictures that she LOVES being on stage - she was somewhat of a Stage Hog during the imagination time - the teacher would yell out a word and they would have to act it out! Emma Claire somehow always managed to be front and center! Her teacher was a little afraid that she might fall of the stage at one point!

(a piece of bubble gum)


(a duck maybe??? I can't remember)



THEN, Emma Claire was the Fox in the GingerBread Man skit - don't you just love how she's holding her tail????

they giggled alot!!!!

Emma Claire peeped out from behind the curtain a few times before the show started!!!
We are spending as much time as we can at the pool this last week and Wilson has started swimming!!!!!! NO FLOATIES!!!!! Yesterday he went of the diving board and slide MANY times and swam the 10 feet or so to the ladder - he's still 2!!!!!!! I can't believe it myself, well, actually I can - Wilson is amazingly gifted physically - he can climb on top of anything and jump off and always lands on his feet - much like a cat! He's a cross between a cat, monkey and now a fish! I pray that God will show me how to encourage him to use those gifts to His glory!


Ivy said...

What amazing acting skills little Miss Emma Claire has! Those pictures were so funny. I loved the "chocolate" pose. I can't believe school starts back so soon for ya'll. My mom teaches preschool and I think she goes back on the 17th!

Allyson said...

Sound like you have a little actress on your hands!

I hope YOU do well the first day of school! I know she'll have a blast! Kindergarten is the best.

My best advice would be:

Enjoy this year and live in the moment!

Take lots of photos (I know you will) and start a tradition of a 1st day/last day photo in front of the same place so you can watch how they grow. You'll be amazed!

Also volunteer for as much as you can. I love being up at the kids school and they love seeing me there.


andi said...

So cute!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

EC is so adorable! I bet it's so fun to watch her up on that stage! I can't believe school is starting next week! Maybe we'll see each other Friday or Tuesday! Who is EC's teacher this year? Oh, and that is amazing about Wilson swimming with no floaties! EK will not even swim WITH the dang things! Ha!!!

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