Monday, September 14, 2009

Yea Alabama!

We headed out to the quad in normal fashion on Saturday! Don't you love how we turn a double stroller into a triple? And it's suprisingly easy to push too!

Nana with the grandchildren (minus Stanton - he stayed at home)

My 3 busy bees! It was a beautiful day - albeit a little humid - but the children were ALL great and had a fabulous time!

The view from our tent!

A nearby friend!

Chow time! I think Emma Claire had 4 plates of food, while the boys ate nearly nothing (except for a tasty RED treat, you'll see soon!)

Roll Tide friends!


Just a game of cards on the quad!

Looks like they are posing for a middle school dance picture!!!!


People watching, or solving the world's problems?

That tasty RED treat!

All the children enjoyed a game of Freeze Tag - and this is how they "un-freeze" each other!

Lots of love and laughs!

The best family shot we got!

Our babysitter, Cody, from this summer walked by - the children LOVED her - she was truly a God-send! She just pledged Chi O at The University and is busy busy, so we don't see her much anymore. Hopefully we can have her back soon, Wilson still asks about her some mornings, "Is Cody coming to play today?" So sweet!

I think Henderson was afraid I was going to leave him

He chose to just lay on the ground with his football instead!

WE rushed over to the Elephant Stomp just in time to catch Big Al right before he left to go in the stadium!

Roll Tide!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but with Emma Claire's busy schedule with school and play practice and my work and well, just having 3 small children at home, it's hard!
Hopefully I'll have a new post soon on the renovation (well, painting) I'm doing to our kitchen (all by myself). It's quite a task - all those cabinets and windows and that icky oil-based paint!!! But I know it will be well worth it when I'm all done!

Here are some BEFORE pictures from last Christmas - it' s not a bad look, but the yellow was starting to get on my nerves and the white cabinets - Oh My! I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and could not get those things cleaned to my satisfaction. They needed to be re-painted regardless, so I figured why not change the whole look and do it all? Hopefully I'll be through sometime this week (which will be great considering I just started on Friday!)


Sherree said...

Were did you get all the cute Alabama smocked outfits from? They are adorable!!

Rachel said...

Great pics from the quad! And I can't wait to see your kitchen painting redo! I want to do my cabinets SO BAD! I feel the same way about mine. They drive me crazy! If I like yours, you may have to give me some tips!

Ivy said...

I was just thinking we hadn't heard from you in a while! Loved all the pics from the game. I just finished peeling wallpaper and painting my kitchen all by myself! I still have the cabinets to do!

Henley on the Horn said...

What adorable pics!! Roll Tide but .... GOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!! My brother went to Bama, so as long as we aren't playing y'all, I pull for the Tide too! Your tailgating is fabulous! I miss being in Athens this time of year!

Allyson said...

So fun, a tradition that will continue with their kids one day...and you'll be the grandma watching all the young ones!

I can't wait to see your renovations. I hate our white cabinets too. Not necessarily having white, just the cheap white stuff we have!

Crystal said...

After looking at your pictures, I think our tent was not too far away!! I would have loved to have seen you guys! Mary Helen has been giving me play updates, and I'll be looking forward to seeing EC on stage! Hope all is well with the Patton family, and maybe I'll run into y'all soon!

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