Friday, October 2, 2009

A little bit of everything!

Well, since apparently I've become a once-a-week blogger (or slacker, however you want to put it!), you get to see a whole week's worth of pictures in one post! Let's start last Wednesday night at church. We go and eat a wonderful dinner at church every Wed. night, then we all head to choir - and it's a literal ZOO in our little room off to the back! We got there early this past week, so I tried to snap a few pictures before we ate - Henderson is not at a good picture-taking age, to put it mildly!

Big brother and sister sure did try to help though!

Wilson and Emma Claire get along GREAT right now - and Emma Claire and Henderson get a long great (as long as she's not trying to build something and set things up precisely), but Henderson and Wilson - oh my - it's a constant battle over things - EVERYTHING!!!!!! Wilson doesn't quite "get" that Henderson is still a baby and doesn't quite understand the concept of sharing! This too shall pass - hopefully quickly!!!!!

Did I mention Henderson likes to climb? All I did was snap a couple quick pictures of Emma Claire and this is what Henderson was doing behind me! Thankfully I saved the cheesecake!

Next up we have Student Council Intitiation! I'm so proud of Emma Claire for being selected out of her class!

She walked proudly up to the stage and even managed to raise her (right) right hand!

Notice she stands out a little with the huge red megaphone applique on her shirt, but seriously, any solid white shirt in our house gets monogrammed with something!!!!!

Next we had the Alice in Wonderland performance at Barnes and Noble. Thank goodness for the train table in the children's section. But too bad Henderson squealed the whole time and Will had to leave with him - I'm telling you, he and Wilson are AT.IT.CONSTANTLY!!!!!! Henderson wants whatever Wilson has, even if he has the exact same thing in his hand already! Emma Claire has learned to just "give it up", Wilson, not so much!

He did get a quick run on stage before Will hauled him away!

Wilson got a chance to play with my camera - gasp!!!!!! I was a nervous wreck the whole time, but it kept him nearby and quiet for a few minutes! No really, Wilson was great - he didn't run off or throw a fit or anything! Maybe 3 is going to be GREAT!!!!!!

Here are a few shots Wilson took!

Katie joined us!

The cast members that could make it!

Last we have been enjoying this beautiful fall weather - it really makes me SO happy!

See that big branch? He was acting like a super hero -

then he dropped it on his toe - OUCH!

Looks like Wilson landed in the spotlight for this picture!

If you are local, or even semi-local, please make plans to attend this Wonderful, Magical show - I promise you won't be disappointed! We will be busy all weekend with Tech Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals and all kinds of fun stuff!


Tara said...

Great pictures Kellie. Tell me how you keep from them having a fit at Barnes and Noble while they are playing with the Thomas train table and it's time to go. I've almost wanted to ban us from going there because Brooks throws an embarrassing fit from the back of the store to the parking lot when we have to leave!! Awful!!! I haven't tried it in awhile so maybe he has "matured", but I'm too nervous to try. Maybe I can lure him with ice cream next door! Congrats to EC for student council rep!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I was JUST wondering where you had been. From the pictures I can tell you have been busy. I always love seeing the pictures and how much they have changed! Congrats to EC!

Allyson said...

Great post! Do you ever feel like a day off would be nice? I sometimes feel that way, and on those rare occasions I do get a day without something planned, I'm bored! What's with that? I once thought I was a bit of a homebody, but I think I live for going non-stop!

And about the fighting thing. I'm with ya sistah! We're good if it's Jack/Lauren or Lauren/Hudson, but these boys like to fight over everything. It has become easier though. Do NOT make the same mistake we did and let Henderson have Wilson's toy just because he's fussing (aka screaming). We did that with Jack when Hud would scream and realized what a bad move that was on so many levels.

Loving this fall weather too! Can't wait to be running again in it, as the sun is rising in the a.m.

Anonymous said...

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