Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Beautiful Christmas Wedding

We have had the honor of being a part of one of the most wonderful, Christ-centered wedding weekends ever. Emma Claire was the flower girl in Crystal and Brett's wedding. It was in Greenville, AL so a 2-night hotel stay was in order, much to the children's delight! One of Will's best friends was getting married on the same night, as well as my cousin, so he stayed behind in Tuscaloosa with Henderson and I took Wilson and Emma Claire with me. It has been a wonderful weekend. My children do very well in hotels - Wilson napped when we got here yesterday while EC and I did workbooks and played on the computer in the hallway - and they both napped today - while I worked on the computer and had a much-needed quiet time of bible study in the empty hallway!! Normally nap times are spent going 100 mph getting any and everything done in the house. It was a very nice change to just "be" during nap time and not feel like I had to "do" so much!
Our weekend started off with a "bang" when Wilson and a table got in a fight and the table won!
Actually, he was only trying to get up on the tall, comfy beds and misjudged how high they were and fell backwards and hit the corner of the nightstand - I saw the whole thing happen and was powerless to stop it! We didn't make a trip to the emergency room, but we might should have, it finally stopped bleeding after about 5 hours!!!!
On to the rehearsal we went!

These next 2 pictures would be the bridesmaids lunch, but for some reason I cannot drag the photos around, so they are a little out of order!

They have had a great time in the hotel with another friend, Mary Helen, who was also in the wedding.

Isn't he a cutie?

The reception was perfect! The children had a BLAST!!!!!

My children are not afraid to break it down!!!!

This alone made the trip worth it -seeing them have a great time together!!!!

And whose hand would that be on Mary Helen's back?????

Wilson's!!!!!! I guess he has a thing for older women!!!!

And now.....just let these next 3 pictures tell you a story of a little brother watching out for his big sister! ***Note that arm on the right side of the picture*****

BAM!!!!! took them out (on purpose I might add!)!

The STUNNING bride!!!!

Whew...enough excitement for one weekend!!!!!

This was how they left!!!!

Congratulations Crystal and Brett - we love you!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Let's see if I can remember all I want to say.

First, that cut. Oh my word...nasty! Looks like stitches may have been needed but I don't blame you. Out of town in a strange E.R....nope!!! Glad it quit bleeding!

Next, once again, your children's clothes...beautiful! I especially love the red and blue.

That table runner on the table with the big initial on it...Is that pom pom balls? Let me know....I love it!

The bride...beautiful....the flower girl...precious!

Oh, and I love that they left to pom poms...they are true and loyal fans!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So much fun and love all their clothes! Poor Wilson with the gash! I sure hope he is feeling better. He looked like he got over it with the tickling on the bed! ha! So cute!

Lindsey said...

oh my! that cut on wilson's head?! hope he is all healed now. and love the pictures of them dancing. too cute! you know steven grew up in greenville. his parents still live there. wonder if he knows the bride? glad you guys had a fun time together. merry christmas!

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