Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa, singing, and more

We had our neighborhood Christmas party Sunday afternoon - a great time was had by all...

a Cake Walk! - Emma Claire and Wilson scored an AWESOME chocolate chip poundcake - yum yum!!!

Santa arrived and Wilson couldn't get out of his coat fast enough - I guess he thought he couldn't see Santa in a coat!

Off he went - chasing the Big Red Guy (who arrived in a Bronco by the way!!!)

Santa, be VERY VERY SCARED!!!!!

Wilson just cracks me up!!!!

Santa didn't even have a chance to unload his big sack full of presents!!!

Wilson kind of hogged the jolly ole guy!

I think Santa was wondering how much longer do I have to hold this little rascal?

Wilson told him what he wants - a Biceman and a sword (translated as "Ice Man" - from Spiderman and His Amazing Friends and a light saber sword!)

Emma Claire got her turn

And being the horrible mother I am, I sacrificed my youngest son to the Santa Terror!!!!
I'm not sure who is more scared, Santa or Henderson?

And, because a picture is worth a thousand words, I let Henderson endure his torture so I could get a picture of all 3 with Santa!!!!

Henderson did come away with a present, so all was good in the world again!

well, almost!

Some marshmallows were roasted on this cold cold day!

even more marshmallows were EATEN!!!!

Then, smelling like a campfire we headed to church for a beautiful worship service of the most precious voices EVER!!!! The 4 and 5 year old choirs sang a beautiful medley of Carol of the Bells (in which Emma Claire had a solo and ROCKED it!!!), Away in a Manger, One Starry Night, and All I Have.

Next weekend, Emma Claire sings All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth for the HUGE churchwide Christmas at First - at First Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa. There are 4 shows and Emma Claire sings at the 4 o'clock shows on both Saturday and Sunday. If you are local - please come - I know you will be blessed - It.Is. AWESOME!!!!

Lastly, the elves brought each child a free doughnut coupon from Krispy Kreme - my children LOVE doughnuts, so needless to say they were VERY happy!!!!

Tonight we are marching - YES Marching, in the Christmas Parade. Our good friend, Thad Turnipseed is running for State Senator and we are supporting him in his race and walking and riding along with them! The children are beside themselves about actually being IN the parade!!!


Love Being a Nonny said...

What great pictures!! I can't believe Wilson is not afraid of Santa!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Let me know what kind of things your husband likes to do and I can make several recommendations. There are a ton of awesome restaurants on the Strip and there are several shows to see. Our favorite musical was either the Jersey Boys or The Beatles Love show. Our favorite cirque-type show was La Reve and KA. The Bellagio is our favorite hotel because of the food (Olives for dinner) and dessert (the gelato store) and the decorations.
Fill me in on his thoughts and I'll try to help.

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