Monday, January 11, 2010

You're NOT going to believe it!!!!

Look what fell in my dear friend, Ashley's backyard this weekend. And she lives in Tuscaloosa!!!! We waited and waited on Thursday for the snow to fall and it never happened!!!
****after posting this, I read a post by the other mama and realized that it did indeed snow AND STICK in North Alabama, but IT.DID.NOT.HERE in central Alabama - we got some flurries and schools shut down for a day, but NOTHING stuck, believe me!!!!!

Wanna know how??? Well, this man, William is the man with the magic!!!! He made, did you hear me, MADE a snow machine - real LIVE snow!!!! This is why he is a dentist with his own lab - he LOVES to tinker with things and create things- what a guy!!!!

Don't ask me the details, all I know is that he was putting it together while we were over there watching the National Championship Thursday night and Ashley and I were very "weary" about whether or not it would work.
It is comprised of a bunch of metal tubes and a pressure washer and air compressor and then a bunch of other temperature and humidity factors - yada yada yada.
They ran it about 5 hours the first night it produced about 6-8 inches of wonderful powdery snow in some places. The next night he ran it 3-4 more hours and it made for an absolute winter wonderland!!!!!

This was our attempt at a group picture, but little to our "Alabama" knowledge, snow and ice are slippery and some of the children slipped away!!!!

There's a lt of pictures here, but remember people, this is SNOW.

Henderson enjoyed it, but refused mittens, so his hands were purple and numb

Oh the little joys of snow on a 6 foot hill - it doesn't take much to amuse us down south!!!!!

One thing I made a note of - we are VERY ILL EQUIPPED for SNOW

Things to buy: waterproof MITTENS!!!!


Sue said...

This just astounds me! I'd give just about anything for the 4 inches we got last week to melt away and leave me high and dry, and y'all are manufacturing the foolishness! ;)

Henley on the Horn said...

Now THAT is fun. I love a good snow!!!

The Griffins said...

this is funny that your friend made it. hahaha.
Love the pictures.

Rachel said...

WOW!!! That's amazing and so much fun!!!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

That is wild!

Leigh Collins said...

I caught a glimpse of this winter wonderland through the gaps in the fence as I was leaving the neighborhood and could not figure out how it happened - then I got on FB and saw Ashley's pics and comments! Unbelievable! Sam is convinced he can make one too next time it gets that cold - which could be another couple of years around here! How Fun!!!

Tonja said...

How much fun! These pictures are priceless! Looks like fun ws had by all involved! I love it!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So much fun and I am super jealous of your sleds!!!

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