Monday, February 22, 2010

Power of Pink

Do NOT Adjust your screen - yes that is my SON with Pink Hair - all for a good cause!!!!
Friday Night was the University of Alabama Power of Pink Gymnastics Meet - for Breast cancer awareness and benefitting the DCH Foundation. They have raised over $850,000!!!! And it's always a fun time as well!

The daddies even got in on it - well, not really, they wouldn't wear it out in public, but Will did put on his pink t-shirt once we got there!!!!
The children made posters and we sprayed their hair pink (Sarah Davis wouldn't have anything to do with it though)

Patton also joined us, but wasn't "man enough" to have his hair pink for a night!!!!
Notice Wilson and Sarah Davis on the far right - they have been good buddies since she was 6 months old and he about 18 months - and everytime they are around each other, they just grow closer and closer - take a look!!!!

Yep - that would be my 3 year old kissing on that 2 year old!!!!!

Just look at those faces!!!!

You think Sarah Davis is embarrassed?

But secretly she wants more!!!!

and I can't believe this next picture came out the way it did - Emma Claire and Patton were trying to block me from getting the picture with their posters, but look what came through the middle!!!! Priceless!!!!!

and both their eyes are closed!!!!
Now, we in no way condone early kissing or anything like that, but it is just too sweet not to document - especially for Senior year slide shows and all!!!!!

Now - on to the important thing - GYMNASTICS MEET!!!!!
Will and Wilson waiting for the bus to take us to the Coliseum!!!!

Ashley and I on the bus - our reflection in the window!!!!

Even the outside lights are pink!!!!

Big Al was right in front of our seats when we arrived, much to the children's delight!!!!

The band sits right above us to our left

much to this little boys' delight!!!!!

A little Y-M-C-A action!!!!!!

Oh! And Alabama defeated Arizona - just in case you were wondering!!!!!
And another thing - the girls did appear on the Jumbotron - that's the ULTIMATE goal - all was good in the world after that!!!!!

And not to leave out this handsome fellow - we spent a fun WARM day at the park on Saturday and I couldn't help but photograph these precious curls - they make me smile!!!!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I really miss those Alabama gymnastics meets. The power of pink was always one of our favorites...glad you got to go and impressed that you're family gets so into it!
Alabama looks awesome this year...I hope they take it all the way. It'd be nice to have 2 National Champions this and gymnastics.
Thanks for the mommy advice!

Rachel said...

Love the kissing pictures:)

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love this post and how excited yall get over it!!! Nothing like great supportive fans! The children are adorable. One day they will laugh with you over the kissing pics!!

Thanks again for the EC panties! It's the little things that make me know that there are some really good people in this world!

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