Friday, March 12, 2010


My 30th Birthday was February 24th - it came and went with not much fanfare (exactly how I like it). It fell on a Wednesday - work day, school day, dance and church day - not much out of the ordinary- except Will did surprise me with a cake at our church dinner!!!! Facebook made it exciting too- isn't it fun to receive all those birthday wishes in your inbox from people that you haven't heard from in years???? So, now I'm thirty, an official ADULT - b/c really, 18 does NOT make you an adult and apparently neither does having 3 children - b/c now I REALLY feel OLD!!!! But, being the youngest of my group of friends, I'm still the "baby". So last night, a small group of us got together at the prompting of my sweet friend Ashley and we celebrated!!!! She even got me this FABULOUS cake!!!!! She's pretty AWESOME!!!!!

Here are those that could make it on a busy Thursday night right before Spring Break - thanks for taking the time to celebrate with me!!!! Ya'll are the best friends EVER!!!!!

So in honor of 30, I'm going to go for 30 things I LOVE! Here goes!!!!

1. God - and I'm falling more and more in love with Him and learning more everyday.

2. Will - loving, faithful, sacrificial husband he is - I couldn't ask for anything more, he's AMAZING!!!!!

3. Emma Claire - my sweet first-born - obedient, prissy, serious, funny, loving, silly, thoughtful

4. Wilson - determined, fast, silly, compassionate, energetic, smart, loving, destructive, fit thrower

5. Henderson - loving, cuddler, squealer, mama's boy, obedient, smiler

6. My family - and that I have family close by and that we are all close.

7. That all sides of my family get along great.

8. Diet Coke

9. Fruit

10. Gummy/sour candy

11. Running - early in the morning before anyone else is up and moving - to hit the road and spend time talking with God and feeling His pleasure.

12. The Bible - loving it more and more each day

13. watching all 3 of my children play with each other and make believe and act silly and have the time of their lives

14. Blogging - wish I was more creative and a better writer, but it is a fun way to document our lives!!!!
15. Being outside - LOVE the sunshine and playing outside and the beach and the lake and a wide open field to run and play in
16. Animals - big, small - not bugs and insects or reptiles, but sweet, furry ANIMALS!!!!
17. shopping
18. my church
19. my friends
20. bread
21. fried chicken fingers and french fries
22. date night
23. girls night
24. spending time with my children when I don't feel like I have a million other things to do!!!!
25. cleaning house - yes, I do!!!!!
26. A clean, organized house
27. working out
28. smocked and matching clothes, see #17
29. flip flops
30. Votivo candles


Love Being a Nonny said...

What a great list!! Happy Birthday!! Mine is today!!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
You look great. =)

aedozier said...

No matter how old you get, you still look like you did when we played softball at NHS! Ahhh the good old days. Happy, happy birthday! Something about living in a college town makes you feel older than you really are...I can totally relate!

Allyson said...

You look amazing! My thirties have been the best years yet! I'm about to be over the mid-thirty hump and I'm not looking forward to that number! YIKES!

I love your list and can say ditto to almost all of them -- expecially #21. If you're ever in Memphis, call me and we'll go out for some!


P.S. The things you wrote about your kids and their birth order traits match up with our kids! How funny is that? Can I give you some encouragement about the middle kiddo? Hang in there!!! It does get better. Just keep smiling and loving on them - even if you're gritting your teeth while plastering on a fake grin. It's hard to be the middle kid! That passion will be well suited to them one of these days! Oh, and pray for his future wife...that she may have the patience of a saint! Ha!

Bonnie said...

You look awesome! Your arms look so BUFF. I need to save that picture as motivation, haha! Happy 30th :)

JMom said...

Loved seeing your comment. What a small world that Ellen is your sister. Thank you so much for telling me about the new mother with the cardiac condition. Do you know if there is a caringbridge site or anything i can follow to pray for her?

And happy belated birthday!! :-)I agree that the 30s are the best!

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