Friday, July 2, 2010

Cheer Camp and Backyard Pools

I mentioned in my precious post that Emma Claire was doing Cheer Camp this week! It was the elementary camp at The University and she LOVED it!!! They did a great job and the parents got to come watch the final "performance" yesterday!!!

BAMA spell out!!!!

We are so fortunate to live in a great college town!!!!

After cheerleading, Emma Claire and I picked up the boys who had been swimming with the babysitter and went to ANOTHER pool - my brother-in-laws parents house! There's just something about a backyard pool that makes my heart sing!!!! Emma Claire perfected her dive off the diving board and began working on her front flip off the diving board!!!!!

The older girls worked on theirs too, and I promise you, they collectively did 16,579 front flips in the matter of 4 hours!!!! To say they slept good last night would be an understatement!!!!

Then they played games like categories and I was taken straight back to the Azalea Swim and Tennis club in Dothan and all the games we would play during summer!!!!

My sissy, Aunt Katie (and Charlie), were there and we all got sunburned and had a great time!!!

Jimmie Ann and Jim (the owners of the pool) had just gotten back from a trip to Alaska, so we got to hear all about that and also how HOT it is in Alabama!!!!

It was 4:00 and Henderson had been swimming since 10, his swimsuit was slightly rubbing his legs and he was walking like he had ridden a horse for 48 hours straight, SO I let him take it off and skinny dip for awhile! He was beyond thrilled!!!! Have I mentioned my boys like to be naked MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!???

Wilson took one look at Henderson's naked bum and asked if he could swim naked, but I used the handy dandy 4-wheeler that he had been BEGGING to ride since we got there as leverage!!! "You can't ride the 4 wheeler if you're naked!!!!"

So, the boys rode the 4-wheeler and gator for a while, which was the highlight of their day, they are such "BOYS" (thank the Lord!!!)

And we will not speak of the hair issues we had going on, I just don't know what to do!!! Sometimes, it falls in glorious ringlets, and I swear I'll never cut it, and sometimes it looks like this:

So I sat under a shade tree and watched my boys in all their splendor just being boys on a summer afternoon!!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!


Ford Family said...

Happy 4th of July to you & your family!! :)

Katie said...

I look like a swollen beached whale in that pic! I hope it was just the angle or the way I was sitting. YIKES!

Had fun and can't wait for Sunday!

Rachel said...

So fun!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What a perfect summer day! Oh, how I loved cheer camp AND the Azalea!! Good times! Thanks for the memories!!

Cathy Newman said...

Is Emma still in the Cheer Champ? It's nice that she has extracurricular activities. Makes her more socially at ease. :) How about your brother-in-laws parents' pool? Do you still take the kids there or do you have your own pool now? The latter would be really awesome. :D

Hettie Calhoun said...

Wow, you have a swimming pool in your yard! Glad to hear that you were able to maintain your pool for over 24 years now, by the way. And I guess it's the right time to give it some updates. I can only imagine how relaxing the pool side can be knowing that it is surrounded by plants and flowers.

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