Thursday, March 19, 2009


Thursdays are my long days at work, but I knew these fabulous tulips were at their most bee-you-tiful peak! So I picked the children up from school, dressed them all alike and met Will at the University for a quick photo session. Henderson was not "into it" and kept crawling away, but with the huge mass on the side of his head, I didn't blame him. The new camera has become somewhat of an obsession, as it has with several of you out there in bloggy land. It sure is fun though and I know I'll be glad many years from now. Enjoy!

That is NOT a figment of your imagination - the mass is STILL there and bigger than ever! But it's all okay - or so says the pediatric neurosurgeon!

She gives him this look quite often - you just never know with Wilson!

Emma Claire had a melt down that we couldn't have a picnic on the quad, so I promised her we would have one in our backyard - and it was delightful - maybe we'll do it much more least until it's 98 degrees and mosquitos are swarming!

Sorry for the blurriness - Will took this picture from inside our kitchen - through the glass!


A big SHOUT OUT to the University of Alabama for such fantastic gardening skills!!!! And to God for creating such wonderful flowers!!!! Such a beautiful and fun place to live!


Darby said...

Kellie,I'm so glad Henderson is ok! How scary!!! THe pictures are beautiful and I'm so glad there is one of you in there too.... mommas need to be included every once in a while! You are beautiful and so are your children!! And those tulips too!!!

Becky said...

beautiful pics. and let me just tell you i would have DIED had that of happened to one of my kids. DIED. i'm so glad he is ok!! i think you need a massage and a pedicure.

Rachel said...

Love all the pics! They all looked so cute!

Ivy said...

Those pictures are amazing! There are a couple of really good ones of Wilson with those beautiful blue eyes! So glad that Henderson is must have been so scared. And that dang officer pulling you dare he!

Lauren J. said...

Loved the pictures! Looks like you all had fun. I'm so glad your little one is okay. What a story to remember!

Ford Family said...

Kellie...those pics are GREAT!!! (even if they are at the "other" school!! JK!) What beautiful kiddos and tulips!!

NENA said...

What beautiful pictures!!! You are so creative. I'm so glad that Henderson is O.K. I miss you guys and would love to get together again soon. Happy Spring!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Absolutely gorgous pics! I'd love to know what your new camera is! Please do tell.
Glad Henderson is OK! :)

odomfamilyfun said...

Such sweet pictures. Love their matching Easter clothes :) So glad Henderson is okay..have a wonderful Sunday!

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