Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, A-Club and Valentine's

Let me just begin by saying it has been a wonderful week! The Shrimp and Grits Kids shows kept me VERY busy, but it was well worth it! I had so much fun and met lots of neat people! We enjoyed a day at home, as much of the South did on Friday with a rare snow!!! For awhile we thought it would be a false alarm again, but indeed it did snow - for about 8 hours straight - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Unfortunately the air temperature hovered around 33 degrees most of the day, so the accumulation wasn't that great where we live. But in a way, we should be thankful, I've seen pictures from our Nation's Capital...... WOW!!!!!

Emma Claire is in kindergarten this year and has been reading since school started, but has recently gone from that stuggling/love/hate relationship with reading to LOVING it - everytime I see her she has a new book in her hands reading out loud to anyone who will listen. Thankfully Henderson is in love with books too!!!!!

I made my chocolate icing again - but this time the cake didn't turn out so great. I used a teaspoon of canola oil that was left in an old bottle and then the rest of the 1/3 cup from a new bottle. After I mixed it all and poured it into the bowl, I realized there was a funny smell coming from it. It was a familiar smell and I remember it from college in my Food Science class - Rancid Oil - YUCK - just a small tsp destroyed the entire cake!!!!! But I'm enjoying just eating the icing off the cake!!!!

Last night Will and went on a date night to the A-Club Party and then

Today we all went to the A-Club BBQ cook off!!!

It was VERY cold!!!!

Great BBQ, jumpy things, petting zoo, tye-dyed t-shirts (I'll share the final results of those after I wash them tomorrow), balloon animals - not to mention all the football stars that were there and the autographs - but we weren't interested in that - jump castles and rabbits are MUCH more important!!!!

Do you think we need a rabbit????? sigh....

We went home with 2 of these..... YUM!!!!!

***this is a RED funnel cake for anyone who is wondering!!!

When we got home, I let the children open their Valentine's presents. I had already given Emma Claire and Wilson a video game for her DS his Leapster, but I also let them open these (that originally were put up for Easter, but since we are going to the beach for Spring Break, I thought they could use them!!!!)

Prissy girl

Henderson had to model too!!!!

Wilson and Emma Claire also got some Rainbow flip flops (that they'll live in this summer)

Monograms are from The Patton Patch

Wilson is all into layering - he's got on a turtleneck and his alabama t-shirt, a spider man costume and a swim shirt!!!! Why take it off when you can just put more on?

Will and I enjoyed another date today thanks to my sister, Katie!!!! We went to the Alabama basketball game and then out to dinner!!!! Thanks Katie!!!!! Now for a busy Valentine's day at church, blowing up balloons for the children, teaching the 2 year olds and then leading a small group at Worship Kidstyle!!!! Whew - then I'll need an afternoon nap before I head back for my Believing God Bible Study.
****Will is taking Emma Claire out to dinner tomorrow night -her first Valentine's date - isn't that sweet????
Happy V-Day!!!!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

E has a great little athletic body...put that girl in gymnastics!!! =)

Love Being a Nonny said...

WOW! I want to live in your house and get bathing suits for Valentine's Day!! As always, ADORABLE!!!

Tonja said...

I love seeing the beautiful pictures of your children! You seem to take such joy in them. How nice to hear a Mom speacking happy words about her children instead of complaining about them.
God bless you all!

Ford Family said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

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Will's side of the family

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Kellie's side of the family (minus a few)

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How we REALLY like to dress!

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Lots of Love!

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Best Friends!

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Children being children!