Monday, April 26, 2010





Lets start with Thursday night.... after bath time, Wilson and Henderson were in the bathroom "brushing their teeth" or so we thought. Turns out, they were up on the counter with their hands RIGHT under the faucet with it going full blast - you know how you put your hand on the end of a water hose to make it come out harder???? Well, that's what they were doing in the bathroom resulting in water ALL.OVER.THE.BATHROOM - countertop, walls, floor, mirror, lamp, themselves - puddles, everywhere.

Next is Friday. After school, I let the boys out of the car and I was unloading everything. I was in and out of the house while they were playing with their riding toys in the driveway. I came out and Henderson was playing in the flower pot. I got on to him and pulled his soiled hand out and as I was washing it off noticed something tan-colored underneath the dirt and realized it was PAINT - PAINT that was left in the bottom of a dixie cup from when I painted the mud room. I got onto him and looked up and realized that the entire back of my car had been PAINTED!!!!!! I didn't even have time to discipline him - I ran and got the water hose and as fast as I could I turned it on the highest pressure it had and began hosing off my car in the garage!!!! Thankfully it was still pretty wet and it all came off. Then I began noticing other things he had touched....the scooter, the walls, etc. It all came off.

Ok, on to dinner time - Will and I were back in the bedroom getting ready to go out and the boys were in the kitchen eating yogurt and pudding (foods they eat on a daily basis, by the way - mess free). Emma Claire came running back and told us that the boys had made a huge mess! Will went to the kitchen first and found pudding and yogurt all over EVERYTHING - they had painted with it!!!! The counter top was covered, the barstools were covered, the rug had it on it - the couch in the den had hand prints all over it!!!! What a mess!!!! Will put them in the bath and I took on the cleaning (dressed in white jeans, by the way)!!!!! We NEEDED a night out by this point!!!!!

Saturday was pretty uneventful - the weather was bad and we stayed home and surprisingly enough, no one made any HUGE messes!!!

Onto Sunday morning - we have this alarm system in our house that was here when we bought the house. We have never used it, don't even know the code. The only thing we enjoy about it is the 'beep beep' that occurs each time a door is opened or closed!!!! I have caught a child many of times "escaping" by hearing that 'beep beep'!!!
All through the night Saturday night it would beep a single 'beep' about every 5 seconds until we hit "reset", then it would stop for about an hour then start back - every 5 seconds 'BEEP' - I felt like I was up with a newborn every hour. So finally around 4:30 am I was FED UP - I started hitting every button I could find. I hit the "STAY" button and it beeped really long and then QUIET - I was so relieved!!!!! .....Around 6:15, Daisy needed to go outside, so I got out of bed and opened the back door. The LOUDEST siren you have EVER HEARD began going off and on and on and on it went. I ran back to the bedroom where Will had leaped out of bed to try to turn it off. He was working on it so I ran downstairs to the other keypad to see what I could do. I was punching in every set of 4 digit numbesr I could think of. It was SO loud!!!!!! By this time Henderson was crying and Wilson was up (Emma Claire slept through the whole ordeal and we have no idea how). Will finally decided to just tear the alarm right out of the wall, but that was no easy feat. I finally brought him some scissors and he literally unscrewed it all and cut the wires!!!!! The alarm had finally gone off by this point, simply because I think it's on a timer and after 10 minutes it just stops. But it was still set and we were stuck inside our own house. Daisy was stuck outside and whining at the door to come in, but we couldn't open the door because the alarm was still set and we had no idea how to make it go off!!! There was another alarm downstairs that would begin sirening whenever we opened another door or window!!!!! He finally got ready to open the downstairs door, armed with scissors to cut the wires, when I had the bright idea to try the same code that we use on our garage doors!!!! Will said, "that would be too easy." So he opened the door and the sirens began - I punched in the code and....


I couldn't believe it - it worked!!! We learned the code!!!!!!!

We are thinking the system may have gotten hit by lightning or something or the power outage did it, but still today that beeping is going off every 5 seconds ALL.DAY.LONG and we have no idea how to make it stop!!!! PLEASE - if anyone has any suggestions - please help - our sanity is at stake here!!!!

But that's not all!!!!

We start getting ready for church and Will is all ready, the children are ready and he walks through the den to go downstairs to get in the car and notices that Daisy, our dog, walks in a weird circle around a certain spot in our den. Turns out she had diarrhea right there on the oriental rug. I guess all that excitement of the early morning did a number on her tummy!!!! Will brings the trash can in to clean it up, I get the children back with me and then load them in the car. Will gets in the car and there is a HORRIBLE smell. I ask him if he got poop on him. He checks his shoes, his hands, everything, NO POOP. He gets out and looks on Henderson and he's got dog poop all over his feet. So I get out of the car, use baby wipes to clean his feet really good, throw his shoes in the garage and off we go to church! We get to church and I get Wilson out of the car and notice he has dog poop all over his shirt!!! So we go into church and I change Wilson into one of Henderson's extra outfits (because he is POTTY TRAINING - to add to all this madness and I had packed 3 extra jon-jons in his bag!!!!)

We went to big church, I taught 2 year old Sunday school as usual (where I thought I lost a kid - no kidding - but he just went to the wrong classroom for worship time) we went home and I opened the pantry and a HORRIBLE smell came out at me - literally jumped all over me I felt!!!! I pulled the garbage can out and there was DOG POOP all over the bottom of it. Apparently when Will brought the garbage can into the den to clean up the poop that morning, he set the garbage can RIGHT DOWN IN A PILE without realizing it. So the cleaning began, I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed - until there were NO germs left in our house.

Doesn't that make you want to come spend some time at OUR house??????


Lynn said...

Ours will beep like that when the battery source is low. I agree that it is annoying though! Have you lost power at any time recently? If so you may have to call the company and have them reset it.

Rachel said...

Ha, ha!!! Yes, that was quite a messy weekend. The battery might need to be changed in the alarm. I think ours did that and they had to come and put a new battery in the main unit.

Ford Family said...

OH MY! sounds like you have had your hands full~ I would say the battery, there should be some main box that you can probably disconnect the battery source completely and it should stop beeping, that happened at my sil's house. good luck!

One Love Mama said...

Never a dull moment! When they push you to your limit, remember how quick they grow up... enjoy the chaos while it lasts. I really enjoyed reading this post!

Tonja said...

Memories are made of this!

Brandi Bartee said...

I loved reading the post and laughed until I cried. It was absolutely hilarious to read but I am glad you survived it all! Thanks for sharing and I hope this week is much better :)

Teresa said...

Oh Kellie, that's a horrible weekend! I agree, call ADT or what ever company installed it. Its probably the battery backup and can be reset.

Lindsey said...

oh my! what a weekend! girl, you have some wild and crazy stories?! you'll be able to write a book one day:). here's to a better week!

JMom said...

Oh, Kellie! i came over and read this after your comment at my place.

Thanks for the nice reminder of proverbs 31..."She is clothed in strength and dignity...she can laugh at the days to come." I like that thought!

Allyson said...

Kellie, I promise you, I thought I was reading excerpts of my own blog! Oh, except that I was laughing! I sure hope you'll be able to do the same when you think back on it! I've had a version of all this happen at some point and I've lived to tell (and laugh) about it.

Leigh Collins said...

How exhausting, but funny now! What a weekend!

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