Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh! To Live on a Farm!!!!!

On Tuesday, I had the priveledge of going with 3 of the kindergarten classes at Emma Claire's school to the Barnyard!!!! It was SO much fun and I apologize for picture overload, but I just couldn't help myself!!!!

Remember this pig, more about him later....

The Bunnies, Oh! The Bunnies!!!! I see a bunny in our future!!!!!

The white ones loved to be held and cuddled, the black and gray ones, not so much - Emma Claire's got away from her!!!!

White is such a peaceful color....

The chicks were pretty scrappy too!

Hi! Mr. Goat!!!!

Mr. Sheep!

Mr. Pig!!!!

It was so fun watching all these friends together!!!!

Chasing Chickens..... Remember when????


A class photo - you'd better act fast - these don't stay still for long!!!!!
A sad face - all she wanted was to get in the pen with the bunnies - did I mention she LOVES bunnies - she could sit and hold one ALL.DAY.LONG!!!!!

Wanting them REALLY bad!!!!!

In line to ride the horse, but still sad that she can't get in the bunny pen!!!!!

But Wait!!!! Did you hear that? While you're waiting to ride the horse, you can go play with the bunnies!!!! Yipeee!!!!!! I haven't seen Emma Claire move that fast in forever (maybe never)!!!!!!!

She captured a bunny and the following photos can be titled, "Poor Bunny"!!!!

They were sweet bunnies though, and all the children were so gentle with them!!!!

Next came the lake and boat ride and feeding the ducks and fish - I still can't believe someone didn't fall in!!!!!
There were some HUGE catfish too that kept eating all that bread!!!!

Off on a boat ride!!!!
Yes, that would be my child dragging her hands in the water - I guess I forgot to warn her of snakes and those HUGE CATFISH!!!!!

Here's that pig again - Emma Claire fell in love, and so did I. I want one - especially when I heard that pigs are actually very clean animals and can be house-trained quite easily!!!!! They'll even sit on the couch with you and eat potato chips and watch a movie - how fun!!!!

But you want to know what turned me away??
The fact that this pig will one day be 1200 pounds!!!!
Did you see that - 1200 pounds!!!!???? Talk about eating you out of the house!!!!??? I can't imagine how much food that pig will eat!!!!!!
Emma Claire LOVES animals and takes good care of them - maybe one day she can spend a summer on a farm!!!!!!!

As long as there is an outlet for her dramatics and flair!!!!!

Coming our house is getting a little closer to becoming a farm!!!!! (and I'm not talking about Wilson and Henderson - though pretty much everyday when I pick them up from school they look like they've been rolling with the pigs!!!! Those boys LOVE some dirt!!! ha ha!!!)


Love Being a Nonny said...

FUN!!!! Precious school trip memories. As always, her outfit is adorable...and so is she!!

Ford Family said...

I lived on a farm...well, we didn't have chickens and such, but we had horses, cows, fish ponds, and I had 2 bunnies once...wish we could have one again!! Looks like yall had lots of fun!!

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